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Warhammer 40k: DieCon Gateway Grand Tournament Results

Eric Darrais vs Avery Windau at one of the two top tables.
The final standings were as follows:

Overall Winner: Avery Windau (Space Marines/Tau)
1st and Best General: Adam Warnecke/Capnmoe (Tau/Eldar)
2nd: Brent Naumann (Necrons)
3rd: Eric Darrais (Tau/Necrons)
4th & Best Painting: Brent Gates/Makers (Chaos Daemons)
Sportsmanship: Dave Naumann (Orks)

3 of the top 5 armies had Tau and 2 of them had Necrons. We definitely weren't expecting Space Marine's to be in any, especially since it was 6th Edition rules. But there they were, in the top spot... thanks to the Centurion-Star. My god it's amazing.

It consisted of a Tau Commander with Command and Control Node & Mutlispectrum Sensor Suite which twin linked the units shots and allowed them to ignore cover. Tigurius and a Chapter Master with the Shield Eternal, Artificer armor, and a Power Sword. Finally, it had 4 Centurions with 4 Grav Cannons/Grav Amps and the Sergeant also had Missile Launcher/Omniscope.

He would use Tigurius to get Gate of Infinity and jump around the board destroying anything and everything he needed too.

Capmoe was running his Tau/Eldar Combo.

And Makers was running Daemons

Full lists and game summaries after the jump.

Capnmoe's List

Commander - Command and Control Node, Puretide Engram Neurochip, Multi-Spectrum Sensor Suite
Farseer - Jetbike

Riptide - Twin-Linked Fusion Gun, Ion Accelerator , Early Warning Overide
Riptide - Twin-Linked Fusion Gun, Ion Accelerator , Early Warning Overide
5x Dire Avengers - Wave Serpent (Holo-fields, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon)
5x Dire Avengers - Wave Serpent (Holo-fields, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon)
6x Fire Warriors
6x Fire Warriors

Fast Attack
5x Warp Spiders

Heavy Support
3 x Broadsides - Twin-Linked SMS, Twin-Linked High-Yield Missile Pods, 6 x Missile Drones

Aegis Defense Line

Makers' List
Keeper of Secrets - Mastery Level 3, Greater Reward, Greater Reward

11 Pink Horrors
11 Pink Horrors

Fast Attack
15 Flesh Hounds

Heavy Support
Slaanesh Daemon Prince - Mastery Level 3, Wings, Armor, Exalted Reward, Greater Reward
Slaanesh Daemon Prince - Mastery Level 3, Wings, Armor, Exalted Reward, Greater Reward
Slaanesh Soul Grinder - Torrent

The games were played with 3 primary missions running simultaneously.

There were always 2 Emperor's Will objectives. 4 Crusade objectives with Big Guns, or Scouring Objectives and Purge the Alien.

Primary missions granted you 8 points for a win, 4 points for a tie, and 0 for a loss.
First Blood, Warlord, and Line Breaker all granted 2 points.
Thus, a 30 would be max points for a game.

CapnMoe Game 1: Mark Tippett (Astra Militarum)

Mark had turn 1 so I got to counter deploy which was nice. He had a couple Wyverns which would have just wrecked my Fire Warriors. He also had Pask in a Punisher, a Vanquisher, 2 Taurox with melta vets, a 20 man blob with heavy weapons, and 2 Vendettas. Sadly for Mark I stole the initiative. Turn 1 I blew up 1 of his Taurox for First Blood, pinned the unit that was inside, and shook the other Taurox. I killed all but 1 from his Company Command Squad and killed a 3rd of the blob. He would fail to do anything to me in his turn. My turn 2 would see the death of Pask, 2 Wyverns, the second Taurox, and another 3rd of the blob. His Vendettas killed one of my Riptides in turn 3 but by that point it was too late. My turn 3 would see me mop up what was left of his force and kill a Vendetta. At that point he conceded and I took the full 30/30 points.

CapnMoe Game 2: Eric Darrais (Tau/Necrons)
Last year Eric was my first pairing in the tournament and he beat the tar out of me. I took 0 points in the game. This year wasn't all that different. Our lists were fairly similar and it became a matter of who could kill the other persons Broadsides first. I made some poor decisions and it turned out to be him. We tied one primary and I had line breaker giving me 6/30. He had 2 primaries, the tie, First Blood, and Line Breaker giving him 24/30 and the win.

CapnMoe Game 3: Mike McGuiggan (Nurgle CSMs)
Mike was a great player and he did everything he could to try and beat me. He was running an all foot Nurgle list which is a bad match up against a Tau/Eldar army. Adding to the up hill battle he had, I rolled up Perfect Timing for one of my powers. That gave me 2 ignores cover Riptides and it was the nail in the coffin before the game even began. Even though he managed to steal the initiative, I won 30/30 this game.

CapnMoe Game 4: Avery Windau (Space Marines/Tau)
I was thoroughly dreading this game after seeing what Avery's army was capable of in his first 3 pairings. Somehow the gods decided that even with all the rerolls that Tigurius gets for powers, he shouldn't have Gate of Infinity this game. That was the one thing that saved me. Without the ability to jump around the board his Centurion-Star had to footslog. All I had to do was stay out of the 24" range of his Grav Guns. Since the deployment was Vanguard this game, I had plenty of room to work with. Despite his army being at a disadvantage we still tied on every primary due to some poor measuring by me and some great maneuvering by him. The final score was me 14/30 and him 12/30. I eked out a win by 2 points! Thanks First Blood! That put my total score at 80 going into the last game.

Game 5? Keep Reading!

Makers Game 1 vs UltraMarines

My first game was against Alex who was playing UltraMarines. He had a lot of Gravguns and Plasma but his Stalker Scared me the most. Night Fighting was in affect 1st turn so I stayed out of range and he mostly just moved up towards me. My turn all of my powers went off, Keeper was invisible and hounds moved up to multi-assault his 2 tactical squads to tie them up. Warpstorm was in a giving mood and caused 2 glances on the Stalker stunning it. After that it was pretty much over. I had air superiority and the Princes just mopped up. I managed to get the full 30 points by killing everything he had except 1 Assault Marine.

Makers Game 2 vs Avery Windau (Space Marines/Tau)

By far one of the weirdest games I've ever played on both sides. First turn he Instant killed Fateweaver on a lucky as hell scatter and I failed the save. He then took out all the hounds using misfortune and everything he had that had range. At this point I pretty much knew I was fucked. However the warp was giving this day. My First turn the Warp Storm turned Tigurius into a Herald for Slay the Warlord so now I was just trying to get as many points and possible and deny him what I could. My Horrors went beast mode and took out all but 1 Broadside, 2 units of Scouts and his unit of Kroot. I kept trying to spawn more Daemonettes from the portal and grab line breaker, but on the last turn, he managed to move within 1/4" of my objective and I only managed to get away with 2 points.

Makers Game 3 vs Grey Knights

Nothing like getting paired against GKs right after almost getting tabled right? My opponent Dustin was running a Brotherhood of the Flame list. I think it was 5 units of Purifiers, Crowe, Dread, and a Storm Raven. The table had alot of terrain but he deployed in a spread out pattern trying to cover as much as possible as all his stuff was on foot. On my turn I cast Invisibility on the Hounds, put the Grimore on them and then mutli-assaulted 4 of his units including Crowe. The Warp Storm increased their saves by 1 to make it even worse. They would tie up his entire army for the whole game, which allowed the Keeper of Secrets to get into combat and after that it was just mop up duty. To make matters worse, when his Storm Raven finally came on, one prince managed to lash it down, 6 to blow it up, 6 to kill the Dread in its claws, and then decimate the entire 10 man unit inside.

Full 30 points again.
Makers Game 4: vs Brent Naumann (Necrons)

I've played against Brent in numerous tournaments and its always a close game so I was really looking forward to this matchup. He was running Necron Airforce with 3 Annihilation barges and 5 Night Scythes full of warriors and Death Marks. During this game I made a ton of saves, but was having real trouble killing anything. Both Princes managed to soak up al the shots from his Scythes and Barges and neither of them went to ground. The Soul Grinder and Horrors then did work and took out 3 Scythes on turn 2. The hounds assaulted and took out 2 barges. It was a really close game in the end as he moved across the board and warriors came on his board edge, but in the end my My prince took out a unit of his Warriors on the Emperors Will objective and then consolidated onto it, capturing it to secure me the win with 20 out of a possible 30 points.

Going into the last game I had 82 points and was in 2nd place. I knew Capnmoe was in 3rd place and Eric was extremely close behind us. We had both played Avery so we couldn't play him again.

I have been playing 40k with Capnmoe for over 6 years now and not once have I ever played him in a tournament....until now.


Top table number 2

Game 5: Makers (Daemons) vs Capnmoe (Tau/Eldar)

Makers won the roll to choose sides. Objective's were placed and are marked in the picture above.

Capnmoe won the roll to deploy first. Night fight was on.

Capnmoe: I choose to place everything as close to the board edge as possible knowing he was going to be on top of me by the end of turn one with most of his units.

I deployed everything I had as far up as possible, knowing I had to get into close combat before he could shoot me off the board. I put both units of Horrors in cover, one on each objective in my zone. I scouted the hounds up behind the big building in the middle. Then to be a serious ass, I rolled a 6 and stole the initiative.

Makers Turn 1:
Most powers went up, but this was not a great start. Keeper Perils'd himself and took a wound. Rolled for Grimore on hounds, failed, rerolled, failed. I moved the hounds up into cover on his side, hoping a few would survive. Keeper had invisibility so he moved up into cover as well. Both princes flew up the table as fast as possible as Capnmoe had no skyfire units. Fateweaver moved up into the building in the middle as well. Lashes didn't really do anything, Harvester cannon took out a drone or two, but nothing really major this turn.

Capnmoe Turn 1:
The Wraithknight moved up to the wrecked Stompa. He would take shots at the Flesh Hounds then assault to keep them from getting to my better shooty units. He killed 3 to 4. The Wave Serpent and Broadsides killed the Prince with the Portal Glyph for first blood. The second Wave Serpent moved onto a Crusade objective and shot at the Grimoire Prince. It failed to wound or ground him. The 2 Riptides shot into the Keeper of Secrets and took him down to 1 wound.

Makers Turn 2:
All powers went this turn without an issue, and I put the Grimore on the Keeper. Grimore prince flew over and lashed down his Wave serpent, and between the explosion and the unit of Pink Horrors I took them down to 2 models. Grinder Moved up and his torrent took out the rest of his Missile Drones. Knowing at this point I was in real trouble I attempted to Assault the Keeper into the WraithKnight. Since he had Preferred Enemy Eldar, Invisibility, and Fleshane he would have been able to eat through the Wraithknight and release the hounds to tie up the Riptides. Unfortunately I failed the charge distance and that was pretty much the game for me.

Capnmoe Turn 2:
All of my reserves came in this round. Fire Warriors walked onto the objectives behind my Aegis. Warp Spiders deep struck in behind the Soul Grinder and wrecked it. The Wave Serpent near the Broadsides moved out towards the center of the board. The 1 remaining Dire Avenger attempted to knock the Grimoire Prince out of the sky and failed.  Broadsides, Fire Warriors, and the Wave Serpent killed Fateweaver. The Riptides killed the Keeper of Secrets. The Wraithknight killed another handful of Flesh Hounds.  This turn was HUGE for me leaving him with only 4 units left on the table.

Makers Turn 3: The Grimore Prince flew up the table into his deployment, behind terrain hoping to get Line Breaker. Grimore went on a unit of horrors, and the Warp Storm brought in a unit of 13 Plague Bearers, who as my would have it, scattered 12" away from the objective....

Capnmoe Turn 3: The Wave Serpent moved onto the Crusade objective behind the building. Riptides fired at, and killed, the unit of summoned Plague Bearers keeping them from making it onto a Crusade objective. The Wraithknight killed all but 3 of the Flesh Hounds.

Makers Turn 4: At this point it was pretty much over. I conceded but I had managed to hold on to Tie on Emperors will with the horrors and the last Prince got me Line Breaker for 6 points total.

Capnmoe Turn 4: I held 2 Capture and Control Objectives, won Purge the Alien, and tied on Emperor's will. I also had First Blood, Line Breaker, and Warlord for a total of 26/30 points.

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  1. Nice work you two. A good showing for the Lonely Havocs. Now on to 7th Edition!