Friday, December 19, 2014

X-wing: Imperial Raider

Woohoo! Imperial Raider for epic play! Looks awesome! Info can be found here. It looks like they're finally gonna fix the Tie Advanced with some great upgrade cards. Maarek Stele is finally gonna be the boss he deserves to be.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Friendly Adepticon 2015

So the Havocs are going to make their way to Adepticon again this year and much like the Law this will be my first (Despite actually being from Chicago)! So I have been trying to get a better handle on the 7th edition rules as well as how my Eldar work in this edition. Personally I don't think much has changed with the exception of the psychic phase, which totally has it's ups and downs, but this post isn't a commentary on that, so here is what I have tried out with some success (comments and criticisms are welcome!):

Spiritseer- 70

Wraithguard x 5 d-scythes -345
-waverserpent with twin linked bright lances and holofields

Wraithguard x 5- 295
-Waverserpent with twin linked star cannons and holofields

Dire Avenger x 10- 160
-Exarch with shimmer shield


Crimson Hunter- 180
-Exarch two bright lances and a pulse laser


Wraith Knight- 300
-Suncannon and Scattershield with a scatter laser

Dark Reapers x 4- 150
-Exarch with star shot missiles

That's what I have so far and I tested it out twice and both times the wraithknight was anything but friendly. I talked the wraithknight issue over with the rest of the Havocs and they agreed as long as I didn't run more than one it should be ok, and that the tournament was more about the attitude than anything else.  The Spiritseer was fairly lackluster, he had some awesome spells to cast, but because he had a very limited number of dice the spells were being countered by Dan almost every turn (despite not having any psykers, most gifted psykers in the galaxy my ass) nullified my spells. So I might dump the dark reaper exarch and instead take a farseer, but the exarch along with the rest of the dark reapers are pretty brutal especially against marines. I think the hard balance is wanting to win, but not making a super competitive army list that isn't fun against. So tell me what you guys think!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Warmahordes Circle Orboros Progression

Progress continues on the Circle Orboros army that I traded for last month. I have 2 units and their UA's left to paint. Unfortunately, these days I quite loathe painting units of models. The monotony of painting the same thing over and over really crushes my soul. I better get used to it though because I just got 3 new units for my Cygnar army and a Colossal as well. Overall I'm still super excited about this game and wish I could play it more. This week is the last game of the 40K league at the store so perhaps I'll be able to get a few more games in soon. If not, I may start having to make the trek to Heroic Adventures on Thursdays to get my fix.