Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hobby Update: Adepticon Space Marines are Ready to Roll

Thank the maker I'm finally done painting this army! I knew in January when I decided that I was going to build and paint an entire Space Marine Battle Company for Adepticon, that it would be pretty tough to pull off. Hell, I even added in the extra task of creating a display board. Even though I died a little inside from the incessant grind of batch painting, I think I still managed to achieve a quality product that should score well in the painting category. I know that those extra points can be a huge boost to your score. It was my painting score at DieCon this year that pushed me to 2nd place overall. Hopefully, it will be just as helpful for me at Adepticon.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hobby Update: Adepticon Tau Army Complete

With a few days to spare I am glad to say I have finished painting up my Tau army for Adepticon. I have made a small change to the list and dropped the firewarriors and added two Crisis Suits with twin linked Fusions. Since my last post, I had to paint two Stromsurges and the two above mentioned Crisis Suits. Lets take a look at the army!

Now for a closer look at the newly painted items:

Hopefully this army can pull out all the stops and wreck some face this week in the championships. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 25, 2016

X-wing: Store Championships #1

X-wing store championship season is in full swing.  Unfortunately, I already missed one of the three I had been planning on attending. Sometimes life just gets in the way I suppose. With the System Open at Adepticon looming close, I need all the tournament practice I can get. I recently made it to the championship at Castle Perilous Games and had a great time. The crowd was small but the company was good.

Gold Squadron Y-wing Pilot "Stress Hog" (Twin Laser Turret, R3-A2, BTL-A4 Y-Wing)
Gold Squadron Y-wing Pilot (Twin Laser Turret)
Gray Squadron Y-wing Pilot (Ion Cannon Turret)
Blue Squadron B-wing Pilot (Tactician, B-Wing/E2)

Total: 100

My first game was against Wedge, Wes Janson, and a Stress Hog Y-wing. The initial joust saw my B wing disintegrated. I did still manage to double stress and Ion Wedge and get a Tactician stress from the B-wing onto his Y. The next round would see me take out Wedge. After that my Y-wings tore his apart over the next few rounds. In the final round he took out my Stress Hog but with my last shots I manage to take Wes down. Win 100-51

Next game was against Poe, 2x B-wings, and an A-wing. This player was fairly new to the game and that worked heavily against him. I tried to help him where I could with rules, but his lack of experience with flying his ships was what ultimately did him in. Final score was 100-25.

My last game was against a brutal Scum list featuring Bossk (heavy laser cannon, K4 security droid, mercenary co-pilot), Torkhil Mux (Moldey Crow title, blaster turret, recon specialist), and N'Dru Suhlak (Cluster missiles, lone wolf). He would end up alpha striking me and destroying my B-wing on our first pass. I slowly ate away at his ships the rest of the game managing to take out all but Bossk. Unfortunately, the only ship I had left by then was my Ion Y-wing. He would end up destroying me with 6 hull still left on Bossk.

At the end of the day I walked away with 2x alternate art C-3PO's, an acrylic range ruler, and a Challenge Coin.
This weekend is the store championships at Fantasy Books and Games. Wave 8 has also since been released and I bought into the Scum and Villainy portion. I picked up 2x Punishing Ones, a Mist Hunter, and a YV-666. Chances are high that I'll be bringing some kind of combo of those ships. I can't wait to see all of the awesome combinations people use with the new ships and cards.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hobby Update: Riptides Done

Finished up work on the three Riptides for my Adepticon list today. Two days behind schedule. Next up is the Stormsurges.

Also made a change to the army. By playing with the upgrades on the single Iontide, I was able to free up enough points to add an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with three Servo Skulls (which I already have painted from previous efforts). In my test games with Adam (with him playing his White Scars Battle Company that you can see progressing along on this blog) I have many times come very close to winning to only lose by a landslide. Preventing his scout move will hopefully give me time to get into position to score more points and help me to have a better alpha strike vs his force while mitigating the damage I take in his first turn. Optimizing my list to play vs his is a very big factor as the Adepticon mission packet heavily favors his list (not just vs my list but in general) and I see his list being one of the most powerful armies that can be fielded in the format.

Only two models left to paint!