Friday, June 6, 2014

Warhammer 40K: Orks - Death of Looted Vehicles?

Rumors today are coming out that in the new Ork Codex, they will no longer have access to Looted Vehicles.

As a former Ork player, this would make me very upset.

While I do enjoy the game itself, a lot of people enjoy the modeling and painting aspect of the game more.

Some of the greatest things I have seen in the game were looted vehicles.

A few years ago I stumbled across this example of awesomeness. Be hold the Tater Mek Titan.

This piece of heaven was created by the artist over at Irondog Studios
Built from scratch, for the love of the game.

It saddens me to think that things like this will essentially be removed from the game.

I mean, it really cant be anymore broken than Invisibility right?

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  1. That is not removed from the game. that is a stompa or a new morkanaunt. What is taken out are all the leman russ, chimera, WWII tanks that everyone used to make the looted wagons. Now we can use them fro trucks or battlewagons but really neither of those options fit with some of the conversions. I have one that will go away if they took it away.

    It is not that it is broken it is that they don't have a model for it. They are determined to remove all items that don't have a model. Just like the Doom, spore pods, Medusa and other artillery. I guess we have the chapterhouse lawsuit to thank. I am not saying it is right it is just what happened.