Saturday, June 27, 2015

Warhammer 40k: DieCon Gateway Grand Tournament 2015 Results

Overall Winner Andy Ford's Amazing Eldar/Imperial Knight Army Converted to Appear as Necrons.
The final standings were as follows:

Overall Winner: Andy Ford (Eldar/Imperial Knights)
2nd Overall: Adam Warnecke a.k.a. Capnmoe (Eldar/Imperial Knights)
3rd Overall: (Tau/Tyranids)
Best General: Eric Darrais (Eldar)
Best Painted: Tobias (Space Marines/Imperial Knights)
Sportsmanship: Dustin Beck (Grey Knights)

Eldar and Imperial Knights ruled the day. There was even an Eldar list that had 5 Wraithknights. I must say, I expected that list to completely run away with the win. To my, and I would imagine many other's surprise, he was tabled in the first round and started the day with a 0. All of the top Eldar lists contained a Farseer, jet bikes, and a Wraithknight. While the odd man Tau/Tyranids list had 3 Riptides, 3 Skyrays, and 3 flying Hive Tyrants. All brutal lists to say the least.
Capnmoe was running his Eldar/Imperial Knights Combo

Bill Keys was running his Astra Militarum

Full lists and game summaries after the jump.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I am very excited for Wrath of Kings

Soooo, for my birthday last week I picked up Wrath of Kings.  I have been eyeballing this game since I saw the painted models at Adepticon last year.  Well, the time was right and I picked up the book and a House Nasier starter box....

Friday, June 19, 2015

DieCon and the Gateway Grand Tournament 2015

This weekend is DieCon and the 2015 Gateway Grand Tournament! The majority of my 40k year is spent preparing for this tournament alone. A list of events and tickets can found and purchased here For the past 2 years I've won the title of "Best General" at this event. Hopefully this year I can finally manage to grab Overall Winner. If you love gaming, this is the place to be this weekend. I know they are also hosting Zone Mortalis, a 40k Character battle Royale, Combat Patrol, an Apocalypse game, War Hammer Fantasy, as well as open play. They also run a huge amount of Warmachine/Hordes, X-wing, and just about any board game or RPG you can think of. This year I'm bringing out my Eldar/Imperial Knight combo. Everything is painted and ready to roll. Bill Keys will also be playing in the tournament with his Astra Militarum. Can the Lonely Havocs bring the noise again this year? Stay tuned for updates.