Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lonely Havocs Special MIssion : Secure an F.O.B.

The Fist here with a cool new thing for you kids to try out. This a living work in progress for a new experimental mission. It is intended for use in conjunction with the new Maelstrom of War missions or an objective based missions Eternal War Missions. If anyone tries it out, let me know about the bugs while I will be doing the same.

Secure an F.O.B.

Command has sent recon teams planet side and we have found a number of territories that have evidence of a number xenos artefacts, but the main fleet hasn't arrived yet. We will have deploy a forward operating base to secure the territory. We have the tools and STC to fabricate facilities but they will have to be gathered beforehand. We are not an assault carrier so  forces will be able to be sent down when resources are picked up for we do not have enough transports to do both. We don't have proper machinery to gather resources adequately, we will have to use what is available on board.

To establish a base, it will require a full garrison as well as a place to stockpile resources until pick up. Only a vehicle with transport capacity or a monstrous Creature can be used to start off a base. This model will be your 'base'.


We are unsure how the artifacts will affect our vehicle's instruments so it is best to keep a distance until we are certain. We are unsure of what the Artifacts are at this time but they represent a plethora of knowledge that need to be secured and studied.

When deploying, your 'base' must remain 12" away from an Objective or Tactical objective. The fear of the artifacts being booby-trapped is far too strong on this unforgiving, alien world….

Due to the fact that we do not have the transports available to move your whole force planet side, we can only deploy a portion of the expeditionary force.

It will be difficult to bring your forces to bear right away. Up to half your army in points can be deployed first turn, including your 'base'. At least 2 units must be troops though.

Once a suitable transport is in place, resources will have to be gathered with what we have. Troops choices, Walkers, and Monstrous Creatures have the ability to gather and move resources through teamwork or sheer strength.

With a supply line established and a transports moving back and forth, reinforcements will be able to be brought down with precision to new facilities.

·         Resources are only gathered in the shooting phase and in lieu of shooting. Units gathering can still move, manifest psychic powers, and overwatch/assault as normal despite moving resources. Their primary mission is to gather resources but if needed they can drop what they are doing to fight back.

·         In order to gather resources, gathering units, as stated above, must be within 3" of a resource cache and within 3" of the 'base' to deliver the resources. This provides 1 unit of resource through this exchange per turn. 1 unit can only gather from one cache at a time.                   

1.       1 unit of 5 models gathers 1 unit of resource per shooting phase, for every additional 5 models, the unit gathers 1 more unit. Ex. 1 unit of 5 Tactical marines gathers 1 unit of resource, a 15 man unit of Ork Boyz gathers 3 units, but a unit of 17 still only gathers 3 units. Independent characters do not count towards this threshold.

2.       1 Walker or Monstrous Creature can move 1 units of resources per shooting phase. 1 additional unit can be gathered for every additional combat weapon. Ex. A Space Marine Dreadnought with Missile Launcher and Assault Cannon can only gather 1 unit of resource, but a Dreadnought with a Power Fist  can gather 2 units. A Chaos Space Marine Defiler with 2 Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon and Power Scourge can gather 4 units. A Tyranid Carnifex with 2 pairs of Scything talons can gather 3 units.

·         There are 2 different resources to be gathered, Lumber and Minerals. Both of which are very important. It will cost you nothing bring your warlord from reserves.

1.       It will cost 1 unit of Lumber and Mineral to bring in a unit of Troops Choice, dedicated transport included.

2.       2 units of Lumber and Mineral to bring in additional HQ, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support Choices.

3.       3 units of Lumber and Mineral to bring in Elite Choices.

4.       5 units of Lumber and Mineral to bring in a Lord of War Choice.

·         Units arriving from Orbit can arrive in a number of ways. Reserve forces can walk on from your board edge or Deep strike onto the board using Deep Strike rules. Units do not scatter if they are deployed within 6" of your 'base'. Units that already have the Deep Strike rule scatter only 1D6 as opposed to 2.


In addition to the secondary objectives and mission objectives. There is also Raid and Pillage. D3 Victory Points are awarded if you destroy the enemy 'Base'.


Fog of War- In addition to the uncertainty of the landscape, other factions may have made planet fall as well. We are unsure of their numbers and locations but we are aware of general positions across the territory-During deployment and the 1st turn. Do not place models, but instead place markers to represent your units but do not disclose which units are what to your opponent. Write down what units are represented with each marker and keep it a secret. This rule also applies to unit special rules including Drop Pod Assaults and the likes of such.

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