Monday, March 31, 2014

What do you fight for...

So this weekend is Adepticon in Chicago and a couple of us fools are going. I'm currently on the wait list for the friendly tournament taking place on Friday.  I'm number 15, so everyone pray I get to. I've been told that your army has to have themed objectives for the various game types and no game will ever alot more then 3, so here is what I'm putting together so far. As you can see; a pile of various ordnance, a rather morbid and macabre grave, and cache of tools and veritable supplies. They should come out pretty cool I hope.  I'll post more when they're done.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Descent of Angels...

As we know, I have been working on a multitude of models for the past few weeks ranging from dreadnoughts to landraiders and various deathwing load out style terminators. Obviously there is a theme going on here... I will let you folks figure it out. Needless to say there is large, open, theme based Apocalypse game at my LGS. Of the Lonely Havocs crew, 3 of us(Cj "SeeJay" he also goes by Fun Dip , Andrew "The Law" , and Travis "Spazgar" ; all contributors to the blog) will be rolling in an all Space wolf team.

Should be pretty cool honestly to see a whole army of one codex. They will be receiving reinforcements from me in the form a Landraider squad with one of each codex variant and one Predator Assassination squad...SOMEONE WILL BE GETTING THE D!!!!

I know they will have one Shadowsword Super Heavy Tank, one Aquila Strong Point, some cool Forge World jazz including Sicaran Tank, Fire Raptor, Scorpius Whirlwind, and a Malcador. Plus at least 10 drops, friggin' wolves....

As for myself "The Fist", dan "Squoze" (check him out on reddit. He has his own sub reddit; MINI SWAP), Spencer "Slender", and Brandon "Beefy McArmcandy", will be running a combined force of Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Imperial Guard...or Astra Militarum...What an awful name, I'm just going to throw that out there. I hate it, they will forever be the guard and not this new garbage...anyways... and o uh dirty, mean Grey Knights. Not exactly the best theme but it makes sense that multiple factions would all receive the same distress call and rush to the Southern Front.

For my Teammates, I know for sure that we will have a Shadowsword as well, 1 Baneblade( my beautiful arctic camo master piece!!!), no less then a dozen Leman Russ tanks of various variants( say that 5 times fast!), 2k of jump pack marines variants, Deathwing, Ravenwing, Legendary Kaldor Draigo and his Paladins, 5 Storm Ravens, 4 Storm Talon, 1 Nephilim Jet Fighter and a Partridge in a Pear Tree... hehe

Here will be my list in detail( point values omitted as to avoid any kind of legal ramifications)

Star Hawks First Company,  60% fighting capacity(Planetary Defense Force Equivalent)
Deathwing Master (Belial count as, yet to be given a real name) w/ Sword of Silence
Termintaor Librarian Pskyer lvl 2 and Power field Generator
Terminator Chaplain w/ Power field Generator
Deathwing Command Squad w/ Apothecary, Champion, Plasma cannon, Pair of LC, Standard of Fortitude

5x Deathwing Knight w/ perfidious relic
Deathwing(venerable) Dreadnought w/ Power fist/Heavy Flamer, Assault Cannon, Drop Pod
Deathwing(venerable) Dreadnought w/ Power fist/Heavy Flamer, Plasma Cannon, Drop Pod
IronClad Dreadnought w/ Melta gun, Heavy flamer, 2 Hunter Killer Missiles, Drop Pod

5x Deathwing Terminators w/Plasma Cannon, Chain fist(love em!!!!), 2x TH/SS
5x Deathwing Terminators w/Heavy Flamer, Chain fist
5x Deathwing Terminators w/Heavy Flamer, Chain fist
5x Deathwing Terminators w/Assault Cannon, Chain fist
5x Deathwing Terminators w/Cyclone Missile Launcher, Chain fist
10x Deathwing Terminators w/2x Assault Cannon, 2x Chain fist, 5x TH/SS
10x Deathwing Terminators w/2x Cyclone Missile Launcher, 2x Chain Fist, 2x TH/SS

All 58 terminators and 3 dreadnoughts..that's right, 58 TERMINATORS!!!

The Leaders of the Deathwing Company, The Hunters of The Fallen, Judgment Incarnate, with combined experience of a hundred campaigns.
That roughly comes out to 4000 points...hoping I get to actually play 4k. Obviously the plan is to deep strike them on top of an objective and take it by force!
I know Ironclad aren't DA but I wanted another Dreadnought but I don't have another Venerable dreadnought modeled or painted appropriately and they are awesome!!!

Hopefully you guys think it is cool, I know I do. We plan to post about the aftermath so don't worry folks.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beachhead Experimental Rules.

This is a mission idea that I kicked around with the guys today at Steak n Shake. I couldn't sleep tonight so I decided to work on the mission. Thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

The defenders have established a forward outpost in the ruins of an important coastal city. From here the defenders can threaten shipping lanes that are critical to the attacker’s war effort. The defenders have planted jamming beacons in the city that disrupt enemy units attempting to deep-strike in the city. In addition, the defenders have established local air superiority through the use of radar to improve their chances of shooting down enemy units. The attackers must secure the city at all costs. The attackers have discovered a narrow beachhead that will allow them to launch an all-out assault of the city.
Choosing sides/Deployment:
Roll to determine sides. 1 army will assume the role of defender and the other the role of attacker.
The defender places 2 jamming beacons and 2 radar stations in the city. These are treated as objectives with special rules.
Deployment- The defender’s deployment zone is an area from his short table edges 48 inches out (i.e. a 4x4 box). The attacker’s deployment zone is a 24 inches from his short table edge.
The defender always deploys first including scouts and infiltrators. Additionally, only models with the infantry type may be deployed within 12 inches of the attacker’s deployment zone. (This is to represent the idea that the defender would need some time to move his heavy units up to counter the assault)
The attacker’s forces always start in reserve. The attacker must nominate at least half of his forces to arrive on the first turn. The rest will arrive from reserve using standard reserve rules from the 40k rulebook. For the purposes of deployment the attacker’s forces arrive from his short table edge. Units may walk on or deep strike if they possess the deep strike special rule.
The attacker may choose to use either the Smoke Screen or Steel Rain  special rule.
The attacker always goes first.
Special Rules:
Jamming Beacons – Enemy units scatter 4D6 when attempting to deep strike within 24 inches of the jammer. (Note: no jamming beacon can be within 24 inches of the attacker’s deployment zone.)
Radar Station- All friendly units within 12 inches gain the sky fire special rule
Note: Once an objective is contested neither unit gain the special rule associated with it. (It’s assumed everyone is too busy fighting to read a radar screen or ensure the jamming is working correctly).

Secure at all costs!: To represent the attacking army’s efforts to take the city. The attacker may nominate one unit with the infantry type to take this special rule. Once this unit is below 50% on a roll of 3+ it is reinforced back to full strength. In the event the entire unit is wiped out it goes to the ongoing reserves and is treated as a normal reserve unit.
Smoke Screen: The attackers have laid down a smoke screen to cover their assault (or the warp storm that preceded the arrival of demons). All attacking units have the shrouded special rule the turn they arrive until the next player turn.
Steel Rain: The attackers fire a punishing artillery barrage on the defenders (or the warp storm causes damage in the case of demons) to prepare the way for the assault. The attacker may fire 4 large blast templates prior to the assault. They are treated as strength 8 AP -  and scatter 1d6. The attacker may fire these at any time during the game.
Dawn Assault: The attacker may choose to re-roll the result of the night fighting roll.
Ending the Game:
Game ends using the standard "Ending the Game" rules in the Warhammer40K rulebook.
Victory Conditions:
Each jamming beacon and radar station is worth 3 VP.
First Blood and Slay the Warlord apply.

Who doesn't love a good dreadnought?

I swear I do not have a problem...

While working on this mass of terminators for the past couple weeks,  I got a tad bored and decided to paint up a dreadnought. Nothing too crazy, just a quick job to add to the collection of walkers. Maybe I should run the dreadnought formation for apoc instead? Anyways, I still have to add some "star hawk"(dark angels) insignia to it.

O yea, did I ever mention that my army is known as the star hawks? A secret successor chapter, but that is for another time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Dreadknight WIP

Such a silly model, but fun to paint nonetheless... Got to finish up the termie in the baby carrier, blend a few highlights and this fucker is done!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014



Maybe the AGENCY has developed the means to control the Xenos, or maybe they have developed powerful psyker powers or technology that can take control of warp entities of the enemies army, perhaps the imperium has struck a dark deal with the forces of evil... maybe the Xenos have come to an understanding with some Chaotic powers, or found Xenos sympathizers within the Imperiums ranks... Somehow the AGENCY has managed to place a MOLE in the enemies forces, and will wait for the perfect time in the battle to reveal them... or will the HOST discover them first?


Determine deployment and choose sides as per the Warhammer40K rulebook

Roll and place D3+2 objectives as per the rules in the Warhammer40K rulebook


Roll off to see if Player 1 or Player 2 will receive the MOLE unit.

Winning roll can choose to have the MOLE unit in his army, or force opponent to have the MOLE unit.

The army with the MOLE will be known as the HOST

The army without the MOLE will be known as the AGENCY


Each unit in the HOST army has the potential to be the MOLE. Randomly determine which unit is the MOLE by writing the name of each unit in the HOST army on a strip of paper, then AGENCY player will draw a single name from a hat, container, human skull, etc. The MOLE unit must be kept secret from the HOST player. Use the following exceptions:

-For units with a Dedicated Transport, the Dedicated Transport is considered part of the MOLE unit

-Independent Characters attached to a unit count as a part of that single unit for determining the MOLE unit

-Independent Characters not attached to a unit, count as their own unit for determining the MOLE

The MOLE unit is controlled by the HOST player as normal until it is revealed. Upon being revealed, control of the MOLE unit transfers to the AGENCY player. The AGENCY player then controls the MOLE unit as if it was his own. The HOST player treats that unit the same as any other unit in the AGENCY army, and can fire at it, assault it, etc. Once the MOLE is under AGENCY control, the AGENCY player treats the MOLE unit as per the Allies of Convenience rules in the Warhammer40K rulebook.

The AGENCY player may fire at or assault the MOLE unit while it is under HOST players control.


-At the beginning of the HOST turn, the HOST player may issue one guess as to which unit is the MOLE. Each incorrect guess incurs a -1VP penalty at the end of the game. If the guess is correct, the MOLE unit control transfers to the AGENCY player, and 3VPs are awarded to the HOST player.

-The AGENCY player can reveal the MOLE unit during the HOST armies shooting phase, before shooting begins. If the AGENCY player does so 1VP is awarded to the HOST player. Control of the MOLE unit then transfers to the AGENCY player, as such the MOLE unit can do nothing during the HOST players turn (shooting, moving, running, assault)

-The MOLE unit is automatically revealed if it declares a charge against any AGENCY unit. The charge is automatically failed, control of the MOLE unit is transferred to the AGENCY player, and the MOLE unit can do nothing else during the HOST players turn.

-The MOLE unit is revealed if it is destroyed (by shooting, assault, runs off the table, etc). HOST player is then awarded 3VPs.

-If the MOLE is revealed while embarked on a transport that is not dedicated, the MOLE unit must immediately disembark, using the Emergency Disembark rules. For zooming flyers, the unit must disembark using the deep strike special rules, but must deep strike on the board at any point the zooming flyer has traveled that turn. When they are deployed, take a dangerous terrain test for each model in the unit.


game ends using the standard "Ending the Game" rules in the Warhammer40K rulebook.


Each game turn the MOLE unit survives, the AGENCY player receives 1VP (before or after it is revealed)

If the MOLE unit survives the entire game, the AGENCY player receives an additional 1VP

If the MOLE unit is destroyed, the HOST player receives 3VP

For each incorrect guess as to which unit is the MOLE, HOST player incurs a -1VP penalty

Each objective scored is 2VP

Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker, and First Blood score 1VP each

NOTE: if the Warlord is the MOLE, the HOST player will receive a Slay the Warlord VP for destroying it.

Copper death from the sky!

Some work in progress... Picked up three Storm Talons and preparing them for battle!

More WIP Grey Knights!

Two squads done! I'm actually having a lot of fun painting these... Don't tell Nurgle.

Flying Bugs of Plague!






Sunday, March 9, 2014

There are Fallen on this planet!

Finished my third,  and hopefully last, landraider, the redeemer specifically. They will work perfectly for the landraider swuad awful right?  I have slowly been moving away from my original paint job and did away with the sloppy striping. I think it looks much less like a 12 year is painting my models. This is the most up to date of my "deathwing" collection for my successor chapter. 5 more deathwing are currently wip. Hope i can run these all together one day

Saturday, March 8, 2014


I know this blog is mainly for 40K but I just finished a mini to use as my character in the Pathfinder RPG and I thought I'd share it with you guys. I present Harek Cinderaxe a human Ranger.

This is what I started with...

It's actually had to tell in that picture but this a metal mini. I'd already decided a didn't like the swords so decided to chop them off and add axes instead. Because axes make everything better. After some quick kit bashing from my dwarf warriors boxes I found two suitable axes and converted him.
Axes make everything awesome. It's science.

After a quick basecoat of black spray paint it was time to start painting. Since he's a ranger and all I decided to stick with browns and greens for his colors.

I hate painting faces....

I went with a lighter brown/tan for his under clothes and a very dark brown for his boots, gloves, and armor. The cloak is a nice dark green for blending in with the woods and such. I wasn't sure what to do with the axes but then I remembered that fire makes everything better and that Harek had flaming axes and went with that theme.
Here you can see the finished model. I still need to clear coat him to protect him but he's done as far as color goes. The axes were basecoated in red and then a bright orange used to create the lines. I think it gives the right sense that these axes mean business! Overall I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Grey Knight commission- WIP!

got a nice commission painting a few squads of grey knights... Having a lot of fun with it!  It's given me a chance to try out some new power weapon paint schemes... So far I'm very happy with them, and I hope my client is happy too!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Even more terminators.!

As the title says, more terminators completed. These are all in preparation for my permanent apoc list along 53 other terminators and a baneblade. 5 more will be added afterwards if 6k is a possibility. Along with assorted vehicles. But these models were second hand so I'm happy how they turned out.

Since the picture was taken, I've added some basing and blood....FOR THE BLOOD GOD!... As well, just to look more brutal.