Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hobby Update: Tech-Priest Dominus

I know I said I was doing my drop pods next but unfortunately, the nozzle broke on my detail airbrush halfway through the process. So I put them on hold and airbrushed the Skitarii/Cult Mechanicus portion of the War Convocation in the red/orange base color I decided on. I'm going for a Ryza scheme for the army which should match my Cerastus Knight-Acheron. The only thing left to do on this guy is some OSL on his Eradication Ray. That's going to have to wait until my new airbrush nozzle arrives though. Next up is the 6 Kataphron Destroyers.

Monday, December 14, 2015

X-wing: Imperial Veterans Expansion Announced!

Holy balls am I excited for this! Fantasy Flight Games has just announced the Imperial Veterans expansion. My favorite Imperial ship, the Tie Defender, will soon be viable on the table instead of completely laughable. Even better though is that the expansion gives you two different ways to improve the ship. The "Tie/D" title will reduce point cost and increase defense, while the "Tie/x7" title increases your offensive output and board control.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hobby Update: Librarius Conclave

Last night I finished up my Librarius Conclave for my Super Friends army. The entire bike portion of the army is made up of conversions that used the Dark Vengeance bike set. It kept the cost of the army low but It meant that I would need to do a lot of converting to get the models geared the way I needed. Still totally worth it in my opinion, plus I like a good hobby challenge. I'm not the worlds greatest converter, but I think these guys turned out pretty good. The majority of the changes used Grey Knight bits to give them that psyker flair they needed. With these guys finished I'm going to move on to the 3 drop pods I need for my AdMech War Convocation/BA army. I need a break from painting bikes. Sadly I have 20 more I need to finish before the Super Friends army will be completed. I'll get to them...eventually.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday Worktable, Nov 25, 2015

Here's what I'm working on this week!