Friday, October 21, 2016

Emperor's Children Cataphractii Terminators and Landraider

With the impending arrival of baby number 2 for me, there has been less and less time for hobbies. Still, I've managed to finish up 5 Cataphractii Terminators and a Landraider for my 30k Emperor's Children. Next up is the 5 Palatine Blades and Eidolon. From there, I can't decide if I want to paint my Caestus Assault Ram, or sell it and get a Storm Eagle instead. I'm currently leaning towards the Storm Eagle since it's less points and opens up an all important heavy slot for me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hobby Update: White Scars Sicaran Venator

Been awhile since I had time to hobby enough to do an update. Finished up my first White Scars tank and wanted to share it with you guys. Next up, nine White Scars Rhinos/Razorbacks.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Siegeworld ITC Tournament Photo Dump



Thursday, September 8, 2016

Siege World Results and Apocalypse Awesomeness

Overall Winner Sam Henley's Soul Crushing Chaos Renegades/Daemons Army vs My Battle Company
The finale standing were as follows:
1st: Sam Henley (Chaos Renegades/Daemons)
2nd: Mike Mcguiggan (Dark Eldar/Eldar)
3rd: Adam Warnecke aka Capnmoe (Space Marines)

Siege World is in the bag! The ITC tournament was some of the toughest competition I've ever faced. Easily on the level of Adepticon competition. The toughest armies were by far 2 Chaos Renegades armies and a Super Friends Barkstar list. I, as well as others, sure as hell didn't expect to see Dark Eldar in the top 3.

This tournament really opened my eyes to the ridiculousness of the Chaos Renegades army. I had never played against them before, and in this tournament I faced them in 2 out of my 4 games. SO MANY ARTILLERY UNITS! You can see all of the Rapier Laser Desroyers and Earthshaker Cannons in the pic above. For an army like mine, theres almost no chance against something like this. He was also running the Masque to control the movements of opposing deathstars or large threats. This worked to his advantage on the top table as he went up against the Barkstar. If you're unfamiliar with the Barkstar, it's core is the Wolfkin formation from the latest Space Wolves codex combined with a ton of characters including Azrael giving the unit a 4+ invulnerable save. It's nigh unkillable. The Masque shut down the army so badly, that the Barkstar player conceded the game early since he couldn't move the distance he needed for his army to get into assault range.

I also played against Grav Centurion heavy Space Marines/Grey Knights and Eldar. Both opponents were great players, but lacked the ability to mitigate my turn 1 alpha strike. When all was said and done I had gone 3-1 on the day. I was pretty pleased with my performance overall. I'm excited for next years Siege World ITC event which they plan on being a Grand Tournament.

Day 2 gave the ITC Tournament players the choice of joining into the HUGE Apoc game that had started the day before. Mother of god was there a lot of money on the tables. I had not expected anywhere near the amount of Titans that were on the table. Check out some of the pics below!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Siegeworld Apocalypse Event, ITC 40K Tournament, and Age of Sigmar Tournament

Siegeworld Productions and the Gateway Gamers Club have joined forces to bring you Siegeworld 2016! This event will be will be held the weekend of Aug 27th and 28th at the North County Recreational Center (link).

We are looking to grow Siegeworld, so starting in 2016 in addition to the Apocalypse battle, there will be a 40K ITC Tournament and an Age of Sigmar Tournament.

Siegeworld 2016 will be a 2 day event. Players have the option of participating in Siegeworld for 2 days or they can participate in the 40K ITC event and have the option of joining Siegeworld on day 2.

In the past Siegeworld has been known for massive games of floorhammer. Now Siegeworld is coming up to the tables! Yes, the battlefields of Siegeworld will be played on table tops. Siegeworld 2016 will be broken up into 2 to 3 battle fields. There will be the main battle table and 1-2 satellite battle tables. The main battle table will host the central battle. Here is where Battalions of Tanks, whole Chapters of Marines, and numerous Titans will clash for supremacy. The 1-2 satellite battle tables will play host to smaller engagements to gain control of either a long range artillery installation or an orbital defense relay.

More information and ticket purchasing info can be found here:

This event is hosted by the Gateway Gamers who were previously responsible for running all of the 40K and Warhammer Fantasy events at Diecon. They're a great bunch of guys who know what they are doing. 

I'm ridiculously excited for this. This is the one time a year I get to play an Apocalypse game. My five Imperial Knights and all of my various Space Marines are ready for action. And of course I'll be playing in the 40k ITC Tournament. If you're free this weekend, please come out and join in one of the events. IT"S GONNA BE AWESOME!!!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor's Children

Just finished Fulgrim for my 30k Emperor's Children army. Things are moving along nicely. I've also managed to complete a Leviathan Pattern Dreadnought and Contemptor Dreadnought. I'll try and get pics of those up soon. Next up is either going to be Lord Command Eidolon, 5 Palatine Blades, or my Landraider.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Fantasy Books and Games ITC Highlander Tourny July 30

Date and Time:
July 30th, 2016. Registration starts at 10 am. Dice roll at 11am.

1977 West Highway 50
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

1850 points
Highlander style ITC event using the ITC FAQ found at the link below.
Rounds Swiss Style

This tournament will be using all rules and supplements released prior to June 30th 2016 except for the Death from the Skies supplements. Please note the ITC changes to the psyker powers in the Angels of Death supplement. The Facebook FAQ drafts will also not be used. The ITC FAQ will be used.

Highlander Rules
Armies will consist of 1850 points or less, and may be constructed utilizing the following options:
o Players may utilize no more than 2 Detachments. Furthermore each Detachment is considered unique (0-1) and may only be taken once. Those detachments are a Combined Arms Detachment and an Allied Detachment.

o All units in the army are unique (0-1).

o Troops units lose their unique status if the army includes all types of Troops units available to it.
 Example 1: A Space Marines army may include multiple Tactical Squads only if it also includes a Scout Squad (and vice versa).
 Example 2: A Space Marines army that includes a Chapter Master on a bike may include multiple Tactical Squads only if it also includes a Bike Squad and a Scout Squad.
 Example 3: A Space Marines army with a Tau Empire Allied detachment may include multiple Tactical Squads only if it also includes a Scout Squad, Breacher Team, Strike Team, and Kroot squad.

o Units with the same name but from different Factions will be considered the same unit. Likewise, extremely similar units (from the same or different Factions) will be considered the same unit.
 Example 4: A Space Marines Landraider and a Space Wolves Landraider would be considered the same unit.
 Example 5: A Landraider and a Landraider Crusader would be considered the same unit.

o Special/Unique Characters are considered the same unit as indicated by their background and/or title.
 Example 6: Chief Librarian Tigerius and a Space Marines Librarian would be considered the same unit.

o All Battle Brother allies are treated as Allies of Convenience.

o Lords of War, Super-Heavies, and Gargantuan Creatures are not allowed.

o Forge World units are not allowed.

ITC Missions 1, 5, and 6.

Entry Fee:
20.00 Dollars
All Entry fees will be fully used as prize support. Prizes will be given as store credit to Fantasy books and games.

Player Cap:
22 Players at max. Please preregister to ensure you get to play. Post in this thread to preregister.

1st Place (Battle Points) gets 45% of entry fees as store credit (assuming full turn out that is $198.00)
2nd Place (Battle Points) gets 25% of entry fees as store credit (assuming full turn out that is $110.00)
3rd Place (Battle Points) gets 15% of entry fees as store credit (assuming full turn out that is $66.00)
Randomly drawn door prize gets 15% of entry fees as store credit (assuming full turn out that is 66.00) Only players that did not make the top 3 are eligible to win this prize.

Although painting is encouraged, it is not a requirement that an army be painted. An unpainted army is eligible to play and win every prize with no penalty.

Please post any questions in this thread and I hope to see everyone there!

You can pre-register for this event here: