Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Space Marine Scouts

I finished my Space Marine Scouts which gives me a fully painted Space Marine allied detachment. I was pretty satisfied with the way these guys turned out. In my rush to get them finished i forgot to drill the gun barrels. I will definitely go back and do that before these guys hit the table. Now I need to decide what to paint next. I recently sold my Grey Knights and am looking to replace them with an Imperial Knight army. Chances are high that they will be the next things on my table.


  1. I am sad that you got rid of your Grey Knights. I am even more sad that you are going the way of the the imperial knight...I guess some one has to. LOL Nice looking scouts.

  2. You should get a Landspeeder Storm for those bad boys!

    1. Totally agree! LS Storm infiltrating and exploring is awesome, and it gives you a fast and mobile unit for maelstrom missions