Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How The Fist got his groove back

After a slow summer for hobbying and the advent of fall, it's time to get back into hobbying.

The lonely havocs have been slacking on the comment and we apologize. To all 5 of our fans on here,  we are truly sorry. Any who...

A few of us are taking a hiatus from 40k looks like,  switching it up and moving into more regular warmahordes game play. I know,  I know,  the privateer press bandwagon but it's not that I am on the GW gripe train, I just haven't been enjoying it lately. And playing a different game for while helps. It's motivation to pick up some new pieces, which I did, DAMN YOU MINIATURE MARKET!!

But, I digress, me and Squoze playing some this Thursday,  maybe we can squeeze a batrep or 2 in. But here is some of my recent work.

Convergence of Cyriss unit of perforators and corollary light vector. One squad of heavy ranged infantry and a flying battery, WOOT! Hope you fools like em


  1. I like the Convergence models (most of them at least) They seem like a fun faction to play, I just never could get the hang of Warmahordes. It might have been that I just played the dwarves.

    Good luck and glad to have some posts again!

    1 of your 5 fans

  2. Looks awesome man. How many points have you guys been playing?