Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Eldar 7th Edition Inbound: White Dwarf Rules Review

Thanks to Wargamer Shawn for posting this look at the new White Dwarf. Thing's are looking good for the Eldar. Despite the inevitable nerf to Waveserpents, almost everything I see here seems to be a buff for the codex.

Nerfs,Probable Nerfs, and General Gripes
-Scatter Lasers no longer have laser lock for twin linking.
-According to the Harlequin Codex, Holofields will now only give your vehicles a 5++ if they're not immobilized.
Those 2 alone depower the Waveserpent immensely. Hopefully point costs on the unit will be adjusted to fit its new power levels.
-A jetbike Farseer/Warlock model costs $33 freaking dollars. 

Buffs/Generally Good Things
-Bladestorm remains unchanged.
-Wraithknights are now Gargantuan creatures with D-Weapon options abound. My god I love this. I hope they aren't Lords of War which would suck for anyone that bought more than one.
-According to the video, Distortion weapons are now D. 
-Windrider jet bikes leave me dumbfounded. These are so good it's just plain stupid. They are now in my opinion the best troop choice in the game. Every bike can now switch its Shuriken Catapults for Shuriken Cannons or Scatter Lasers for only 10 points per model. That means a full unit of 10 is putting out 40 S6 AP6 shots with a 48" threat range, or 30 S6 AP5 pseudo rending shots with a 36" threat range. The best part is that the point costs on the bikes remains the same. Wow! And lets face it, the new models are exceptional looking.
-Decurion type detachments. I'm gonna have to pick up some Vaul's Heavy Weapon Batteries. 


  1. I sorta felt it was a shame that the Eldar returned to being a top tier army after they sorta fell out during 5th and 6th editions but were sullied due to the Wave Serpent just being ridiculous.

    The rest of the book was solid and competitive- Bladestorm sure helped, as well as a bunch of other changes. All anyone could talk about was the Serpent, however. And 5 Serpent lists became tiresome.

    So yeah- nerf that thing. It was throwin' off the whole game, pretty much.
    Hopefully they leave the rest of the book alone, maybe polishing some things up like you mention. Heck- the Necrons didn't make out too bad, right?

    I like 40k better when it's not all about the Beakies. It's so nice to see the Xenos rise again.
    It's nicer when they do it with solid Codexes, and not on the back of a single OP unit that everyone hates.

  2. I never hated playing against the serpents I always cried that the eldar got the best monstrous creatures. Looks like now they just have the best Gragantuan Creature. I want my T8 tyranids damn it!

    The jet bike is pretty par for the course. Too bad from the looks of it you won't be able to do a wraith army with the new formation thingy. You could just take a couple of the wraith host and still be bound.

    GW should have some good sales as these new jetbikes are going to fly off the shelves. I feel sorry for all the other aspects. Why use any of those lol.

  3. I'm waiting for the codex to come along and errata the WD listings. The D stuff doesn't seem to bad, since its just attached to distort, its actually kinda of a buff/nerf. Chance it does nothing at all. (but average of 2W instead of ID).

    I'm really hoping the bikes are going to be 1 in 3 and they just screwed it up like they did the ork commentary and listings when they came out.