Thursday, April 23, 2015

Battle Report: New 7th Edition Eldar vs Astra Militarum DieCon Mission

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Adam (Capnmoe) and I decided to do a test game of the new Eldar Codex vs my 1850 Astra Militarum DieCon list.  I have never seen so much D in one game.  Before I go into what happened in the game, lets take a look at the army lists and a few notes about the units:

Bill's (VaderSeven's) Astra Militarum CAD

No Force Org Slot-
Commissar (Attached to Sabres)
Priest (Attached to Conscripts)
Priest (Warlord) (Bellowing Voice Warlord Trait [can issue orders]) (Attached to Lascannon Infantry Squad)

Company Command Squad with Lascannon, 2x Sniper, Camo Gear, Carapace Armor, Krak Grenades, and Officer of the Fleet


Infantry Platoon
    Infantry Squad with Autocannon and Chimera
    Infantry Squad with Autocannon and Chimera
    Infantry Squad with Lascannon
    50x Conscripts
    3x Sabre Defense Platforms with Lascannons and 3x extra crew
    Platoon Command Squad with 3x Flamers and 1x Heavy Flamer (Inside Vendetta)
Veteran Squad with 3x Meltaguns (Inside Valkyrie)

Fast Attack-
Valkyrie (In Reserve)
Vendetta (In Reserve)

Heavy Support-
Wyvern Squadron with 2x Wyverns

Lord of War-


Adam's (Capnmoe's) Eldar CAD with Dark Eldar Allies

Farseer with Singing Spear (Warlord) (Conqueror of Cities) (Mental Fort, Terrify, Hallucination, Psychic Shriek)
Farseer (Terrify, Invis, Mental Fort, Psychic Shriek)
Archon with Webway Portal

10x Wraithguard with D-Scythes (All three HQ are attached to this Squad and it is in Reserve)

5x Windrider Jetbikes with Scatter Lasers
5x Windrider Jetbikes with Scatter Lasers
5x Dire Avengers in a Waveserpent with Scatter Laser
5x Dire Avengers in a Waveserpent with Scatter Laser
5x Wyches

Fast Attack-
8x Warp Spiders

Heavy Support-

Lord of War-


Since DieCon is quickly coming up we decided to do one of the missions from the packet that was recently released.  We settled on Mission 2.  The Primary Mission was Kill Points with a modification of being able to earn an extra 2 points for every force org slot type eliminated from the primary detachment.  If players did not have a unit in a slot they gave those points up.  The secondary was a modified set of Maelstroms. Bonus Objectives were Slay the Warlord, Solo Blood, and Line Breaker.  To see the mission in detail, visit this link and check out mission 2.

Adam won the roll off to decide who deploys first and choose to deploy first.  He then decided to go first and I failed to seize.  There was three Maelstroms objectives which I have circled in the below picture (they are number 1, 2, and 3 from left to right).  We rolled for Night Fight and there was in fact Night Fight. Let's get into the actual game now.

Battle Report After the Jump!

Top of Turn 1:

Adam had the top of the turn and rolled up hold Objective 1 and have a scoring unit in the enemy deployment zone.  Adam unloaded firepower into the rightmost Chimera and killed it and otherwise advanced up the table.  His Warp Spiders seemed to be in a wonderful spot to be roasted by a Chimera on my turn...  Surprises were about to happen.  Adam concluded his turn and scored one Maelstrom.

Bottom of Turn 1:

For my first Maelstroms I rolled up hold Objective 2 (center of the board) and have a unit in the enemy's deployment zone.  Not likely to get these this turn.  I advanced my Chimera on the left side of the board up thinking I would get a wonderful Heavy Flamer shot on his Warp Spiders while my Conscript Blob moved forward and my Company Command Squad (bottom right of my deployment) moved towards the cover of the near by forest.  In the shooting phase my Sabres did their job and used an ignores cover order to pop a Wave Serpent.  I then declared, with glee, that I was going to shoot my Chimera's Heavy Flamer at his Warp Spiders.  Adam then broke my heart, soul, and will by informing me that Warp Spiders have a new rule called Flicker Jump which allows them to move after being declared the target of a shooting attack.  My Wyverns still took out a good number of them but I still am very bitter about this turn of events.  My Shadowswords D blast scored a hit on his Wraith Knight which he promptly covered saved after I rolled a non 1 or 6 result on the D table.  I ended my turn and scored 0 Maelstroms.

Top of Turn 2:

Adam rolled up his Maelstroms and needed to score Objectives 2 (Center) and 3 (Near his deployment) this turn.  His Wraithguard Star showed up and had zero scatter due to the Webway Portal and he was able to fit them near my Shadowsword.  Uh-oh.  The Shadowsword, a Wyvern, and all but the Lascannon in the Company Command Squad all died this turn.  Adam Positioned some Dire Avengers to score Objective 2 and some Jetbikes to score Objective 3.  Adam ended his turn and picked up 2 Maelstrom points.  At this point he is up 3 to 0 in Maelstrom.  The only good thing about his turn for me was that he forgot to charge my Chimera with his Wraithknight.

Bottom of Turn 2:

I rolled up score objective 3 (near his deployment zone) and have a unit in his deployment zone.  Not good.  The Maelstrom gods have deserted me thus far.  My Valkyrie arrived from reserve this turn but my Vendetta was nowhere to be seen.  My single Wyvern got a decent shot off on one of his Jetbike units reducing it to two Jetbikes while my conscripts, with the help of "First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire," managed to get 149 shots at his invisible Wraithguard Star.  Of those 149 shots he took 2 wounds.  One Wraithguard died and one wound on a Farseer.  I ended my turn and picked up 0 points again leaving the Maelstrom score still 3 to 0 favoring him.

Top of Turn 3:

Adam continued to roll well on the Maelstrom table and needed to kill an enemy unit and have a unit in my deployment zone.  D Weapon Flamer weapons ate my Warlord and most of his unit (though they did bravely stay in the battle) and his Wraithknight decided to charge the Conscript blob.  Something (I believe the unit of 5 Jetbikes) put a Hull Point on the Valkyrie.  Adam ended the turn and picked up 2 more Maelstrom points making it 5 to 0.

Bottom of turn 3:

I rolled hold Objective 2 and kill an enemy unit.  Finally, objectives I can score!  My Vendetta also decides to show up to fight.  I put my Valkarie into hover and get it into scoring range of objective 2.  Now I just have to shoot 3 Dire Avengers off of the objective and I will score 2 points.  My Vendetta deletes the two Jetbikes remaining in the unit that took wounds from the Wyverns and the 3 Dire Avengers are erased from this plane of existence.  The Wyvern took a shot at the Wyches and killed every single one of them.  I ended my turn and scored my first 2 Maelstrom points of the game making it 5 to 2.

Top of Turn 4:

Adam rolled to hold Objectives 1 and 3.  I believe he lost sight of these objectives this turn as he moved his bikes away from objective 3 to the center of the board and had nothing in range to have a chance at objective 1.  My last Wyvern bit the dust and a one more man of the Warlord's squad were roasted.  Adam scores neither objective this turn leaving the score still 5 to 2.

Bottom of Turn 4:

I rolled to hold objective 3 and have more units in no mans land than my opponent.  At this point, middle board control was mine and Vendetta was able to hover and hold objective 3.  I took his last Wave Serpent out and claimed two Maelstorm points while the blob still held on vs the Wraithknight.  The Maelstrom score was now 5 to 4.

Top of Turn 5:

Adam's objectives for the turn are to hold Objective 2 and have a unit in my deployment zone.  Shooting from his Jetbikes is able to knock the Valkarie out of the sky and the Wraithknight finally defeats the Conscript Blob.  His Jetbikes hold the middle objective  and the Wraithguard Star is still in my deployment zone giving him both Maelstroms for the turn.  The Maelstrom score is now 7 to 4.

Bottom of Turn 5:

I needed to hold Objective 1 and destroy an enemy unit.  My Chimera unloads its Infantry Squad onto Objective 1 and then charges forward through the water (hurray Chimera ignoring dangerous terrian because its water) and throws out its heavy flamer into the Jetbikes.  With the help from my Vendetta and the Sabres the Jetbikes are destroyed.  The Platoon Command Squad also exited the Vendetta and killed the Dire Avengers with extreme prejudice.  At this point, Adam has just his Wraithknight and the Wraithguard Star left on the table.  I score both of my Maelstrom points making it 7 to 6.  We roll to see if the game goes on and it does.

Top of Turn 6:

Adam rolls to hold Objective 1 and have more units in no mans land than I.  His Wraithknight kills what is left of the Warlord's squad and the Wraithguard advance towards the Squad holding objective 1.  Adam is not able to score either of his objectives this turn leaving the score at 7 to 6.

Bottom of Turn 6:

I roll up that I need have a unit in Adam's deployment zone and that I need to kill an enemy unit.  The first one would be easy and the second almost impossible.  I unload my entire army into the Wraithknight and cause 2 wounds.  I score one point leaving the score 7 to 7.  We roll to see if the game ends and the game goes on to turn 7.

Top of Turn 7:

Adam needs to kill an enemy unit and have a scoring unit in my deployment zone.  I believe he lost sight of the second objective as he moved out of my deployment zone and charged the Infantry Squad holding Objective 1 with his Wraithguard.  This gave him the dead unit but left nothing in my deployment zone.  The score for Maelstrom is now 8 to 7.

Bottom of Turn 7:

Hold Objective 3 and have more scoring units in no mans land.  Objective 3 was already mine and Adam only had 2 units on the board (both in no mans land) and I had 5 units in no mans land.  I moved my Vendetta into his deployment zone (still in hover) to grab Linebreaker.  I score 2 Maestroms making it 8 to 9 in my favor and the game ends.

Primary Mission (Kill Points) (10 for Win, 5 for Draw, 0 for Lose): I ended with 8 plus 8 for his destroyed Force Org Types and he ended with 10 plus 6 for destroyed Force Org Types.  Tie
Secondary Mission (Maelstrom) (10 for Win, 5 for Draw, 0 for Lose):  I ended with 9 and he ended with 8.  Winner Bill.
Bonus Objectives (2 Points Per): Adam had Solo Blood and Slay the Warlord and I had Linebreaker

Score: Bill 17 to Adam 9.

Overall it was a good game and the new Eldar are really good.  I am sure we will be seeing them alot in the near future.


  1. Nice bat rep. I think throwing all those points into the wraithguard was a mistake. I'd have diversifying it a bit more (and split them into multiple smaller groups).

    I'm wondering if eldar/dark eldar won't be battle bros anymore soon...and only the supplementals will retain battle bros with parent codexes.

    1. 10 was definitely too many Wraithguard. They basically landed there and did nothing after blowing up his Super Heavy. I think I'm gonna drop 5 of them and put more jet bikes on the table.

    2. Agree on that move. 5 would have still killed the tank and caused mayhem.