Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beachhead Experimental Rules.

This is a mission idea that I kicked around with the guys today at Steak n Shake. I couldn't sleep tonight so I decided to work on the mission. Thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

The defenders have established a forward outpost in the ruins of an important coastal city. From here the defenders can threaten shipping lanes that are critical to the attacker’s war effort. The defenders have planted jamming beacons in the city that disrupt enemy units attempting to deep-strike in the city. In addition, the defenders have established local air superiority through the use of radar to improve their chances of shooting down enemy units. The attackers must secure the city at all costs. The attackers have discovered a narrow beachhead that will allow them to launch an all-out assault of the city.
Choosing sides/Deployment:
Roll to determine sides. 1 army will assume the role of defender and the other the role of attacker.
The defender places 2 jamming beacons and 2 radar stations in the city. These are treated as objectives with special rules.
Deployment- The defender’s deployment zone is an area from his short table edges 48 inches out (i.e. a 4x4 box). The attacker’s deployment zone is a 24 inches from his short table edge.
The defender always deploys first including scouts and infiltrators. Additionally, only models with the infantry type may be deployed within 12 inches of the attacker’s deployment zone. (This is to represent the idea that the defender would need some time to move his heavy units up to counter the assault)
The attacker’s forces always start in reserve. The attacker must nominate at least half of his forces to arrive on the first turn. The rest will arrive from reserve using standard reserve rules from the 40k rulebook. For the purposes of deployment the attacker’s forces arrive from his short table edge. Units may walk on or deep strike if they possess the deep strike special rule.
The attacker may choose to use either the Smoke Screen or Steel Rain  special rule.
The attacker always goes first.
Special Rules:
Jamming Beacons – Enemy units scatter 4D6 when attempting to deep strike within 24 inches of the jammer. (Note: no jamming beacon can be within 24 inches of the attacker’s deployment zone.)
Radar Station- All friendly units within 12 inches gain the sky fire special rule
Note: Once an objective is contested neither unit gain the special rule associated with it. (It’s assumed everyone is too busy fighting to read a radar screen or ensure the jamming is working correctly).

Secure at all costs!: To represent the attacking army’s efforts to take the city. The attacker may nominate one unit with the infantry type to take this special rule. Once this unit is below 50% on a roll of 3+ it is reinforced back to full strength. In the event the entire unit is wiped out it goes to the ongoing reserves and is treated as a normal reserve unit.
Smoke Screen: The attackers have laid down a smoke screen to cover their assault (or the warp storm that preceded the arrival of demons). All attacking units have the shrouded special rule the turn they arrive until the next player turn.
Steel Rain: The attackers fire a punishing artillery barrage on the defenders (or the warp storm causes damage in the case of demons) to prepare the way for the assault. The attacker may fire 4 large blast templates prior to the assault. They are treated as strength 8 AP -  and scatter 1d6. The attacker may fire these at any time during the game.
Dawn Assault: The attacker may choose to re-roll the result of the night fighting roll.
Ending the Game:
Game ends using the standard "Ending the Game" rules in the Warhammer40K rulebook.
Victory Conditions:
Each jamming beacon and radar station is worth 3 VP.
First Blood and Slay the Warlord apply.

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