Sunday, February 2, 2014

WIP Sicaran Battle Tank

Hi, SeeJay here from the Lonely Havocs. This is my first post and I will be doing a small review of the Sicaran Battle Tank. I have yet to use it in a game smaller then Apoc, but that will soon change. So this will mostly be about the model, my thoughts on the rules, and me actually painting something.

Of my favorite tanks in the game, I own 2 of them: the IG Malcador and the Sicaran Battle Tank. I bought this off of ebay. The model is awesome, no real complaints there. The guns on the sides were sort of a pain in the ass to put together. 

The rules seem fun. Its a fast tank. The book it's in is the newest IA book. Volume 2 - second edition War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes. In the book it has armor 13 all around but FW FAQed is to 13, 12, 12. The main cannon is really good, twin linked accelerator autocannon 48in str7 ap4 heavy 6, rending. Skimmers can't take jink saves. To be honest, I probably won't be shooting at skimmers with the main cannon. I did model mine with Laz cannons for 40 points, so I will use them. It also has a heavy bolter. It seems more fit for anti-infantry. It is a relic of the armory, which means if you run more then one model that has the relic of the armory rule you have to have an officer to take care of the model. It depends on what army your playing; for the Space Wolfs its a Rune Priest with saga of the beast slayer. There is a chart on page 243.

This is the first tank that I took time to really paint.
I started with the citadel space wolf blue spray.
I decided to make the higher parts Fenrisian grey and the sunken parts Russ grey.

I washed it and it ended up being a lot darker then I wanted (I don't have any pics of that). So I dry brushed it Fenrisian grey to make it lighter. Then I used Mithril silver to dry bush the treads and the body.

I really like how the bottom and the treads turned out.
I wanted to dry bush brown and make it look dirty but I'm not sure I want to now.