Monday, February 3, 2014

I painted some toads.

Bright toads.  
For the glory of Nurgle!

Toads are turning out to be one of my favorite things ever.  Of course, in 40K I use them as some bad ass proxies for beasts of Nurgle... because, lets face it, the beast of Nurgle model that GW makes kind of sucks ass.

I hear if you lick a toad it gets you HIIIIGH

These dudes are a pain for your opponent.  4 Wounds hopping around, It will not die keeps them hopping, and the usual Nurgle Daemon shenanigans.  Great for tying up enemy units.  I had one of these go toe to toe with a few terminators for about 3 rounds of combat.  Tasty.

Yellow Bastard

These are FW sculpts and probably some of the coolest shit they make.  I would love to get more of these bad boys and just run large squads of them... I think you can take up to 9 in a squad.  Thats just mean.


Beast of Nurgle Toads, hopping onto a grimdark battlefield near you.

Stinky pink

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