Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hobby Update: Bikes, Adepticon Practice, and 30K

The bikes are done. Well, the bikes I need for my Battle Company are done. I just couldn't bring myself to finish the last 4 Ravenwing Command Squad bikers. At least they are base coated and ready to be washed when I get back around to finishing them.

As you can tell from the first pic, I've already moved on to the 7 Rhino/Razorbacks that make up the next portion of my Battle Company. After getting the Betrayal at Calth box set for Christmas, I decided to make my Space Marines army into Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children. That way I can use it for both systems. Luckily a lot of the Dark Angles iconography is similar to the Emperor's Children theme. I figure if I keep the colors consistent then the armies mixture of models will still mesh well. The rest of the month will be spent working on these vehicles and the last 5 man unit of Scouts I need for the 10th Company portion of my Gladius.

 I got in 2 practice games this weekend against Bill Keys and his Tau. Forgetting that I had hit and run nearly cost me the first game. I couldn't get any shots into his Stormsurges because he kept assaulting me. By the end I still managed to eek out the win with only 2 Vehicles left on the board. Had it gone to turn 6 I would have gotten tabled. The second game he was not so lucky. I dick punched him hard this game and he conceded by turn 4. The Adepticon missions are odd. They are similar to Warmachine in that there's a large area that you have to contest or hold to gain cumulative points over the coarse of the game. Fortunately for armies like Battle Company which are almost 100% Objective Secured, this plays to their advantage. Looking forward to more practice with the army this Thursday. 


  1. Looking good. Those missions sounds interesting. Keep plugging away and keep us updated and good luck.

  2. Forgetting hit and run! Glad you'll be at adepticon again!