Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hobby Update: Display Board

Took a break from painting Riptides and banged out my display board for adepticon.  Started with a basic design of two craters and a paper out line of some hills.  Fellow Havoc Adam (capnmoe) had some extra foam and we did a foam for some craters trade.  Here is what the planning stage of the board looked like:

Next up the hills, craters, and sand are are all glued to the board.  The hills have some toothpicks inside as well to add stability.  Here is how it looks at this point:

Everything is the primed grey. The primer did worry me a bit as the spray caused some very minor melting of the foam. This turned out to be a non issue as base coats covered the damage. The sides of the hills and the insides of the craters are coated grey while the sand is all coated brown. Here is the result of this step:

I wanted to bring level of detail into the craters. I washed the inner parts with a black wash and the did a small highlight around the center point making sure to leave a black point in the middle. Then I highlighted the inner rim with two levels of brighter grey and then highlighted the outer non washed parts. I also highlighted the brown parts of the outer crater with grey then a light brown to help link the colors to each other.  I am happy with how it turned out:

The final step was to highlight the brown sand and get some flock onto the board. Here is the final look both by itself and with the army on it:

Next week back to finishing the Riptides!!!

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