Friday, February 19, 2016

Emperor's Children Rhinos/Razorbacks

Things are progressing smoothly on the Adepticon painting front. I just put the last bit of work into the Rhinos/Razorbacks. These bad boys turned out fantastic. They don't have the sponge work/weathering that my drop pods have but I chalk that up to the drop pods having to do an orbital insertion.

Two of the Razorback turrets are magnetized to run either lascannons or assault cannons.

And two of the Razorbacks can also be run as Rhinos. I totally forgot to add the stormbolters to the Rhinos in the back of this picture. Rest assured they do exist and magnetize next to the hatch just like the Rhino in the middle front. From here I move on to the 11 Scouts.

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