Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Adepticon and other news!

Hello All,

The Law here, it's been a while since I've posted and took it upon myself to update you all on the Havocs upcoming time at Adepticon. There are several of us going including Capnmoe (see his post below), Spazgar, Tom the Wookie, Squoze, The Fist and myself. We are attending several different classes and events.

Both Tom the Wookie and Squoze will be attending a Necromunda battle. In addition Squoze, The Fist and Tom the Wookie will be playing in the Soda Hammer Glowpocalypse. Tom the Wookie and I will be playing an epic battle of Space Hulk. Squoze is waitlisted for that event which means I'll have to ensure another play has an unfortunate accident or you know have Squoze help me play. Squoze is also playing some X-wing in the form of the Battle of Yavin IV. Several of us are also doing the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulation which promises to be interesting.

I'm attending a Painting with the Masters class on Thursday morning. Squoze and I are also both attending Army Speed Painting 101.

In addition to Adepticon the Havocs have been up to several other things. I, myself am working to expand my Raven Guard Army. I've recently completed assembly on some Assault Terminators and some more scouts. I picked up the Battle of Calth boxset and intend to create some 30k tactical marines and possibly play some 30k battles. 

I also recently celebrated my birthday by playing in large game of Zone Mortalis. I used some Space Hulk tiles to create the board and hope to play another game soon and have a Batrep up for you all.

That's all for now. The Law out.

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