Monday, November 3, 2014

Warmahordes/Warhammer 40k Updates

My obsession with Warmahordes is at an all time high right now. After Playing against Dan's colossal Mammoth this past week, I am vowing to get a large based model for my next purchase/tournament win. I traded a Riptide I've had sitting around in its plastic wrap since the Titan Tournament in April, earlier this week for some Hordes models. Thanks to Reddit's /r/miniswap I managed to get about 50 points of Circle Orboros models from someone who was looking to get out of the hobby. Quite the deal. I painted up my first model from that haul last night.

The new models aren't going to be seeing the tabletop anytime soon though. The new 40k league starts this week at Fantasy Books and Games and I plan on bringing the Imperial Knight to the fray. I'm not sure which army/armies I'm going to run him with but he's definitely going to get some play time. The missions are all going to be Las Vegas Open missions which is a nice change from the straight Maelstrom missions that we had been doing.

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