Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hey all,

The Law here with an Adepticon posting. I registered for the Friendly tourney this year and am looking forward to my first Adepticon. I'll be running my Raven Guard and though I have to paint several units yet I think the deadline will push me to get it done. I wanted to throw my list out there for some comments and critiques before I get too far along on my painting and don't have time to change it. So with out further delay here is Task Force Talon:

Shadow Captain Korvydae (Forgeworld)
Librarian: w/ Plasma Pistol and Force Sword

Contemptor Pattern Dread: 2 x heavy flamers, 2 dread close combat arms, cyclone missile launcher

Scout Squad 1: 4 Sniper rifles, Missile Launcher w/ Flakk,
Scout Squad 2: 5 Shotgun,
           - Landspeeder storm w/ Assault Cannon as dedicated transport.

Tactical Squad 1: 4 Tac marines, 1 Sgt w/ power sword and Bolter.
          - Razorback with Twin Linked Assault Cannon

Tactical Squad 2: 9 Tac Marines w/ grav gun and Missile Launcher w/ Flakk. Sgt with Power sword and bolter
         - Rhino

Fast Attack
Assault Squad: 9 Assault Marines w/ 2 plasma pistols and 1 Sgt with twin lighting claws
(Note due to Korvydae special rule they count as troops)

Heavy Support
Storm Raven Gunship with Multi melta and Assault Cannon.

Now I realize that two Forgeworld models may not seem all that friendly to some so I'm torn about that. I can easily use Korvydae as a standard captain for the same amount of points and the contemptor as an Iron Clad. That being said I still have to assemble and paint all the scouts, the rhino, the landspeeder storm and the librarian. Not impossible and I think very doable with the storm probably being the biggest pain.

The overall plan is for the Assault Marines and Korvydae to move up one of the flanks and tear into to enemy infantry. The sniper scouts will be positioned in cover to provide supporting fire as needed and hold a home objective if needed. The small tac squad will be joined by the librarian and hold a home objective and use the Razorback as fire support. The shotgun scouts will basically run around in the Storm doing drive bys and holding/contest objectives late in the game. The full size tac squad will push forward to hold an objective and probably screen the assault marines to some extent. The contemptor rides in the Storm raven and jumps in where his heavy flamers and close combat skills can do work. The storm raven then provides anti tank/ anti flyer support as needed.

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  1. Id loose the plasma on the Libby. The last thing he needs is another way to kill himself other than perils. Otherwise the list looks fun. I wish I could make it to Adepticon this year.