Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Grey Knights 7th Edition Codex Review and Early Impressions

Cheaper cost Terminators
Cheaper Librarians
Grand Masters now have ML 2
Psilencers have the "Force" rule and Incinerators have the "Soul Blaze" rule
Dreadknights have a much lower point costs for gear
Crowe is finally an Independent Character
Cheaper Apothecary upgrades
Dreadnoughts moved to the Elites slot
Can throw Psykout Grenades
Land Raiders are dedicated transports

No more Psybolts
Assassins are Dataslates now
Dreadnoughts got a point increase and lost Psybolt. That's a big hit.
No more Mordrak and Brother-Captain Stern still sucks
No more Grand Strategy
Psychic Pilot vehicles are gone on everything other than Dreadnoughts
No awesome grenades (Rad, Psychotroke, etc)
Psycannons are Salvo weapons and Nemesis Halberds are +1S instead of +2I. Seriously...WTF. Now I have to re-gear every damn model I have. What a ridiculous change. Why would I need +1S when I have Hammerhand to already give me +2. Just idiotic IMO. Sure they reduced the cost to 2 for all units but this doesn't make up for it. It's better just to use the Swords.
Nemesis Force Swords lost +1 to Invulnerable Save
Nemesis Warding Stave lost the 2++ Invulnerable Save in CC.
Mindstrike Missiles on Stormravens are gone.
Nemesis Doomfists are gone.
Kaldor Draigo now just base S4 and T4 and is a Lord of War. But hey his cost went down...

I agree with 3++ Is the New Black when they say:

"All in all, though, I'm extremely disappointed with the half-assed job GW did here. A lot of people aren't happy with the Ork or SW codices, and perhaps that's fair- their is a certain lack of je ne sais quoi about them, especially when it comes to the fluff and picture sections. But the Grey Knights codex takes this leaps and bounds further, pulling almost all of the interesting parts of an already-borderline codex and giving them almost nothing in return. If this is the direction they are taking the game, I am not impressed or enthused."

For a great look at the codex head over to Blood of Kittens.


  1. Nice sum up. Let me get the straight though the Psilencers shoot forcebullets that can instant kill all mt 4-6 would monstrous creatures? Sound like a sure win there. Switch out those psycannons. Sucks that they made them salvo but really they were already really close.
    I agree that the halberds now are not worth it. it was nice to get a quick strike before the rest of the I4 models.
    yea for dedicated land raider with objective secured. It is funny Draigo got Ghazgul'ed
    I always liked mordrak. I am glad I never painted up some ghost terminators.
    Do interceptors and dreadknight still have the 30" jump? I hope so I liked that rule.

    Heck with all the bad changes to the army maybe some people will rage quit and I can get my Grey Knights back on the cheap. LOL

  2. The problem with Psilencers is they are S4 AP- so getting a wound that sticks on those MC's is difficult. Its easier just to assault and use the swords and hammer hand to buff Str. So is it better? Sure but not much. The Salvo thing is only bad because it keeps the unit from charging. It was pretty much expected though. The personal teleporter is still a 30" jump.

  3. Side note: Nemesis Greatswords are also Specialist Weapons, so no losing the extra attack on Dreadknights.

    1. Great catch! They should have called this codex "Dreadknights Plus Some Other Stuff".

  4. Doesn't Draigo's sword give him +3s. So he is weilding s7 ap 2 mater craft sword...

    1. It does. However, Draigo being moved to the Lord of War slot basically means I can't use him. Most tournaments don't allowed Lords of War because a lot of the units you can take are broken as hell. Some examples would be the Revenant Titan and the Transcendent C'tan.