Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Raven Guard Fellblade!!!

As some of you may have seen on our Facebook page I began construction of a Fellblade Super Heavy Tank for my Raven Guard this week. I finally finished assembly of it today and thought I'd show it to you guys. So without further ado I give you the the Fellblade "Corvus Ferox" or roughly translated "Raven's Anger". The commander has yet to be named.
Here you can see the partial assembly from earlier this week.

I've added some brass etchings to give it some more character

The lascannon sponsons are magnetized so that they can be swapped out if I choose to.

Added the Forgeworld Rhino Doors

And an overhead shot.

Now I must admit this was a pain to assemble. The worst part by far was putting the treads on. I had to heat them up several times to get them straight and then actually getting them to fit on the tank itself was quite a challenge. Overall, though I've very pleased with how it turned out, not that I could fix anything at this point anyways. I magnetized the crew so that I can pop them out and put on hatches if I feel like it. I gave the commander two combi bolters becuase hey why not. I'll actually use those to represent a pintle mounted weapon if I use one.
The only thing left modelling wise is an inspection to see if there are any gaps I need to fill with green stuff and then its off to paint. I'll be sure to get pictures up when that's done as well.