Friday, May 23, 2014

The first game of 7th! Not too shabby.

I have been feeling a bit defiant about picking up the new 7th edition book, but luckily my good friend and fellow Lonely Havoc, Slender picked up the book today and had time to stop by for a game... the new changes range from subtle to game changing... overall not bad!

So after a good hour or so of reading through the new book, finishing up our 1000pt army lists we set about getting our game on.  Theres new "Maelstrom of War" missions and we jumped right in and rolled one up.  

The mission was cloak and dagger or cloak and something.  Shit I dont remember.  But anyway, with the new tactical objectives you always take 6 objectives... so far so good.  Then each player rolls up 3 tactical objectives that they keep secret... pretty cool.  I really really like the new Tactical Objectives!  It will really change up the lame ass tactic of creating a wall with an ADL and hiding behind it all game, because the objectives that you can score on will change throughout the game!  Yes.

For this game I played CSM, and Slender played his Imperial Guard with allied Grey Knights.  I rolled up my first 3 Tactical Objectives (going to call them TOs from here on out)... well, lets see I have to take TO 1 and 6, and I also get a point if I reveal all of the Mysterious Objectives.  Wouldnt you know it, both TO 1 and 6 are on the opposite side of the board in my opponents deployment.  haha.  So no more sitting comfortably on the objectives in my deployment.  Time to hoof it.

Turns out Slender had the two objectives on my deployment as well, but also rolled a TO that was nearby.  He took it right away to score a point... points for TOs are awarded on the turn you meet that objective, and next turn you roll another so you always have 3 (for this mission anyway).

The biggest change was the Psyker phase.  Shit man, this was fun!  I took Typhus as my HQ and really took advantage of his ML2!  I took Malefic Daemonology (I mean, why the fuck wouldnt you??)  and pumped out about 4 squads of Plague Bearers throughout the game!  I was taking big risks by rolling multiple warp charge dice at once, but it paid off just about everytime.  Man it was fun... if it wasnt for the squads of PBs manifesting onto the board, I would have been screwed!  I can see Psykers making a huge comeback, and with the unbound rules you could conceivably run nothing but a shit ton of Psykers just pumping out Daemons all game.  Craziness.

The ability to nullify (Deny the Witch) my opponents Powers with more control was excellent.  I would let a Prescience go so I could save my dice to nullify his Force Weapon and Hammerhand rolls... excellent.  There is more of a risk/reward system going now and I really like that.

There are little tweaks here and there that are pretty major when you think about it.  Area terrain has gotten a major change, no longer granting a save for merely standing in it... where as ruins have gone the other way, granting a save for standing in it as opposed to the LOS save granted in 6th.  The area terrain deal created a situation where all of a sudden it was a pain in the ass to be in terrain... if theres not trees or something in the way, then its just there to slow you down.

Speaking of terrain, assaulting through terrain is tweaked as well... no more roll 3 take away the highest, its a much simpler minus two inches from your roll.  I like that.  Makes it a bit less scary for my assaulty units to do their thing.

Night fighting gives everyone stealth.  Nice.  No more trying to remember what range gives you what.  I always hated that.

So blowing up vehicles got a little bit more difficult but only slightly... now you need a 7+ to make happy time explode.  Meltas are still badass, but no more lucky explode results with autocannons and high AP weapons.

We didnt get too much into the Unbound and whatnot lists... both Slender and I kept it pretty standard with the force org... but it looks like things could get nuttier than squirrel turds.  You can take any number of detachments, a detachment being your standard FOC if you go the old school route... so no more constraints of only being able to double up the FOC at 2K or more... now you can just do whatever the fuck you damn well please.  I can see that getting a bit crazy.

No huge benefits from sticking to the FOC as opposed to going all unbound on that ass... basically if you take unbound your units are slightly less effective at capturing objectives... staying with the FOC allows your units to have Objective Secured, which allows you to ignore those bitch ass unbound units from contesting your objective if you are both within range of it.  Kind of meh, but I guess its something.

In the end Slender and I tied thanks to a lucky roll on the TO chart.  Things were looking pretty grim for me, but gaining another TO late game coupled with all the extra Daemons running around really kept me alive.  It was pretty brutal but fun all the same.

I have been in a 40K rut thats for sure... had a pretty shit run at the last league so I really needed something to get my 40K love juices flowing again.  I think 7th has done the trick so far.  Ive already started imagining all the shenanigans I can get up to now, especially when it comes to conjuring up daemons... which for me is just about the best thing ever.  I do worry that the Unbound rules will encourage true cheesiness, but I also hope it inspires some fun and fluffy lists.  Time will tell on that one.

As long as I can keep pulling Daemons out of the warp and onto the table I am happy.  Waiting for that to get FAQed somehow haha.

Oh 40K, everytime I think Ive had enough of your shit I come running back.  Goddamn it.  Have fun kids!


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