Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Change of the Guard

Greetings Havocs!  I am working on some changes to my tournament list and thought I might share some of my progress.  Check out Capnmoe's post about DieCon from a month or so ago to see what my Guard looked like before.

Step 1: Good bye Shadowsword and Hello Cent Star!

The Shadowsword was a great addition to my tournament army as it gave me an answer to big things in the form of a ranged large blast D.  Ranged D has been nerfed.  The Superheavy rules also made this a somewhat risky choice as if it died it can take out large chunks of my army (and its a 500 point tank).  See the report of my game one at diecon for evidence.

In its place, Tigi has joined the guard and is bringing some Cents, Scouts, and a Drop pod.  So far, I have painted up the Cents.

Step 2: Take out a priest and add in the Inquisition

This accomplishes two things very nicely.  Number one it allows me to take Servo Skulls and with the addition of the new Space Marine (especially scouting bikes) to the mix of Death Star style builds out there I want to control where they are turn one. There is also usefulness gained in my Wyverns with the lesser scatter and the drop pod with the Cents is a little bit more accurate with the Servos.  It also gives me one more die in the psychic phase which brings me to the wonderful number of 5 dice per phase min (3 for Tigi, 1 for the Inquisitor, and 1-6 for the die roll). As long as Tigi has Invis (75% of games he will), I can throw 5 dice at the spell every turn.  Finally, the Inquisitor allows the squad he is in to go to ground while the Priest did not which leads me to...

Step 3: Aegis Defense Line

Place my Lascannon blob behind this (and the Wyverns as well) and suddenly I can go to ground for a 2+ cover and use an order to get back up the next shooting phase. Love it.

The working list I have at the moment is as follows:

AM Cad

No Slot

CCS with Lascannon and Officer of the Fleet

-PCS with 3 Flamers and Heavy Flamer (in Vendetta)
-3x Platoon Squads with Lascannon
-Saber Squad with 3 Sabers with Twin Linked Lascannons (joined by Commissar)
-Conscript Squad (47 Strong) (Led by Priest)
Veterans with 3 Melta Guns (in Valkyrie)

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Wyvern battery with 2x Wyvern

Aegis Defense Line

Space Marine Allied Detachment



Fast Attack
Drop Pod

Heavy Support
Cent Squad with Grav, Omni Scope, and Sargent with Missile

Inquisition Allied Detachment

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Mastery Level 1 and 3x Servo Skulls


  1. Sorry to see you bending to the multiple codex strategy. I like the all IG list and love the Shadowsword. I guess you do what you got to do to stay competitive. Just wish it wasn't the Cent Star with Tigi and a drop pod that many people are going to. Good luck. The models look nice.

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  3. If it was pure rulebook I would probably keep the super heavy. That being said, the Tigi cent star is a bit nerfed (invis is nerfed in tourneys) so it's not the same cheese you might think it completely is.

    40K has changed alot when people saying subbing out a superheavy is a sad choice in order to be competitive.

  4. Having just played vs a double cent ultramarine pod list...few notes.

    1) You absolutely 100% have to have gate on the cent squad. Their short range means that if they do not absolutely murder face their target, they'll be caught in CC for the rest of the game. My opponent only got one turn shooting with his two cent squads before one got wiped out by his own orbital bombardment, and the other got locked in CC for the entire game.

    2) Check out the relics the inquisitor can take. There are some really awesome ones in there. (the book for example).
    3) You can also do stuff like slap him in terminator armor and give him a psycannon. All sorts of goodies!

  5. For mobility I am deploying the Cents in a drop pod. They are there to control a specific area or kill a specific threat. For psychic powers I am more worried about perfect timing and invis more than anything else.

    I have checked those relics out and I have used some of them in other lists, for the purpose of this list I wanted a stubborn, LD 10, psycher, and 3 servo skulls. I am trying to keep him lean and point effecient and he does A LOT for me as is so far. I use the guard elements for for firepower (so no need for psycannon) and the aegis will give him a good save vs ranged (he can go to ground for a 2+ cover while he is with the blob and the blob can get an order that makes them get back up) and vs CC he has 30 gaurdsman around him to take wounds so need for the armor.

    1. I'd still look into taking the liber book. Granting some of those abilities to the entire blob would be amazing for the points investment.