Thursday, June 25, 2015

I am very excited for Wrath of Kings

Soooo, for my birthday last week I picked up Wrath of Kings.  I have been eyeballing this game since I saw the painted models at Adepticon last year.  Well, the time was right and I picked up the book and a House Nasier starter box....

The first models to catch my eye were the Nasier Pelegarth Bloodmasks... nice meaty female warriors wearing nothing but thigh high boots, a thong and tape over their nipples.  How could I not fall in love?

I didn't paint these. But they are awesome.

So a few things about the rulebook.  First, it's available online fo freee to download... sweet.  I like to have actual books so I purchased the hardcover.  There's about 20ish pages of rules, the rest of the book is fluff about each faction and all of the info for each unit the faction can take.  The artwork is the shit.  I LOVE the style they have developed for the game, it has its own unique feel somewhere between fantasy and a steam punk new school grafitti style universe if that makes any sense.  Love it.

The game seems to be VERY fast paced.  I could see getting a few games in during an hour of play time easily.  The stats are straight forward, the rules are pretty quick and easy to understand... overall they appear deceptively simple.  There is an interesting defensive mechanic that comes into play as you roll to hit and wound your opponent.  I think the interactions between units special abilities and their opponents defensive stats is the meat and potatoes of the game.  Very cool. Different,  and quite easy to grasp.

The models themselves are insane.  So much cool detail.  I'm pretty stoked to finally get working on them because I really want to paint my chubby nipple tape lady warriors.  For 70 bucks the starter includes about 30 models: infantry, leaders and a few specialist models.  I can play right away with this box once they get put together!   How cool is that.  The models come with the Stat cards needed for each unit.  The only thing you need is a 4×4 table and some 10 sided dice.

In the next few weeks I hope to show off some painted Wrath of Kings models!  Now to find someone else that is collecting and playing the game as well.....


  1. So, I just checked out the starter boxes and this game has some pretty sick models. HUGE fan of the House Nasier stuff. Shael Han and Goritsi are pretty solid as well. If I hadn't just bought a Space Marine bike army I would probably pick one of these up.

  2. Woah...those models are actually much cooler then I thought they'd be! Great paint job on them!

  3. I am not feeling any love for any of the factions. I was hoping for more Samurai less oni and ninja from the one faction and more cool dwarfs and less big headed goofy gnomes from the other. The Confrontation wolves are ok I guess. Where are the dragon based Characters. or knights with armor not half (or all nude) warriors prancing about. I guess I am just a prude