Monday, April 28, 2014


Hey all, The Law here, I just got back from C2E2 in Chicago over the weekend and it was a blast! I figured I'd share a little bit about my trip with you fine folks (and lets be honest probably not so fine folks) that read The Lonely Havocs!
Because Batman. All  other arguments are invalid.

Now for those of you that don't know C2E2 is primarily a comic book convention. That being said there was still tons of stuff going on and quite honestly I didn't get to see it all. The convention is held in the McKormick Center and takes up quite a bit of space. I went with my little brother and two of his friends and eventually met up with some of my friends who live up there.
Now in addition to wargaming, I'm an avid comic book reader and at last count read around 20 titles a month. My brother and his friends are worse and over beers we can often be heard debating various comic book issues and talking about how bad ass Batman is.

When I walked in to the main floor I was literally speechless over how massive this place was. There were various vendors, artists and guests all over the place.

Doesn't even begin to show how big it was.
We honestly spent probably the first 2 hours in the place just walking around to figure out where various places and groups were. Then we got into the serious business of finding cool shit to buy. By far one of the coolest things I got was an original print signed by Neil Adams (he was an artist for DC back in the day and did a lot of work on Batman). I was honestly amazed at some of the work on display in Artist's Alley and could have spent hours just looking at it all.

In addition, to the Artist's there were various vendor's showing off new games and products. One of the coolest things was a place that would scan your body and then print off you own little model from a 3D printer. I didn't do it but two of my friends did. Perhaps you've heard of them? Han and Chewie?
Serious note that's a handmade Chewie costume. It's epic.

Chewie scanned into the system.

Seriously though, those two guys are my friends from high school Chris and Steve. They don't half ass their costumes. That is real hair all over Chewie and took them about a year and half to get together. They do a badass Indiana Jones costume as well.
Now I didn't get to see the actual model but it cost around $100 bucks or so to get one made. Pretty neat if you ask me.
A fucking Wampa?! True to size as well.

I hear you dear reader, you're asking " Um dude where the hell are the hot cosplay chicks?" And the answer is yes there were several attractive girls dressed up.  Here's a few to shut you up.
I have no idea what costumes these are?

I was actually surprised by the number of people from all walks of life I saw at the convention. What I thought was particularly nice was seeing entire families out enjoying the convention. Anyways overall I had a great time and my brother and I have already reserved our hotel room for next year. If I have one bit of advice to offer though it's to go for more than a day and half like we did. There were tons of panels and the like on Saturday evening that I didn't get a chance to go to because we'd booked a Friday to Saturday trip. Next year we'll be going Saturday to Sunday. With that I'll leave some photos of the cooler costumes I saw there ( and some hot chicks).

Now there was actually a kid in there on a motorized scooter. Pretty bad ass.

Two of the better Spartan's I saw.
Yes I asked if she was orange all over. No it did not end well...

Those two kids never came out......I'm not sure what happened to them.


  1. Looks fun glad you had a good time.

  2. That does look like a pretty good time. Thanks for posting that.