Friday, January 17, 2014

Battle Report! Dark Angels VS Daemons... woot woot!

Good morning. A few people have asked me why I haven’t done a battle report in a while, and I thought well shit, it has been a while... I guess sometimes Im so tied up in the game that I forget to take pics, so last night I got plenty of pics and even playtested a new mission to boot!

I wrote up this mission a bit ago, but just got around to tweaking it yesterday. The mission is called "Stockpile" Basically, multiple objectives that can be moved Relic style... but alas, they can be a bit unstable and may explode. I can post the mission if anyone is interested, although I think it needs a little more playtesting to make it perfect... it was a lot of fun!
So the players, Daemons (me) and Dark Angels (my friend)
Daemons list: 4 squads of 20 Plague bearers, each with plague ridden. Plague ridden with aether blade. A plague banner, and instrument of chaos.
4 heralds of Nurgle, each with aether blade... one in each plague blob
1 beast of nurgle (using awesome FW plague toads!)
1 beast of nurgle
1 souly grinder
1 souly grinder (UNI-GRINDER!!!!)
1 Squad of 4 Plague drones, icon and plague ridden with aether blade
His army from what I recall
3 squads of tac marines, meltas, plasmas and whatnot
1 squad of DA knights with maces and whatnot
3 squads of terminators, one with plasma cannon, the others with assault cannons
Belial with one of the termie squads
And a flying thingy with lascannons
For this mission, D3-3 objectives (the plasma coils) are in the middle of the board. The goal is to take them, and transport them to your own deployment zone.
We rolled 5 objectives.

The first turn... so full of possibilities.
Dark Angels all up in my shit.
He went first, deploying his tacs right up on the line of his deployment, the banner of devastation right in their midst. Other termies in reserve, ready do DA assault. I deployed my Drones in cover, and hid one each Souly grinder behind some nice tall buttes. I like big buttes (and I cannot lie). Beasts chilled out in cover on the edge of my deployment.
He went first and moved up toward the objectives. Termies drop in surrounding my Drones! Many shots went off and one Drone sucked the pipe right away. More shots, but thanks to Nurgles awesome cover save, I only take another wound or so. A few missile pot shots at my soul grinders and his turn is over.
My Drones buzz into action, surrounding the nearest terminator squad, beasts and a soul grinder move in to assault another. UNI GRINDER in the backfield drops some phlegm to soften up the termies about to be assaulted, but doesn’t manage any wounds. Assault goes off, and soon Drones are mano-a-proboscis with terminators. They manage to kill 2, but take 3 wounds back... I roll instability and its BOXCARS!!! Fuck me Susan. They all die. The DA scream something about back to the warp foul beasts!! And I sadly remove them from the board. Goddamn Daemons. Meanwhile the Soulgrinder chops down two terminators, beasts take out another two. A valiant sergeant holds his ground, putting two wounds on one of my beasts... his will not die roll just doesn’t happen, and combat is locked up like two dogs in heat.

These drones dies two minutes later.
The initial assault.
Next turn rolls around and the DA's make their way onto the objectives, gently loading the plasma coils up the prepare to carry them back to camp. Knights move into assault range with my soul grinder and beasts, a few more shots here and there from missile launchers and some good saves later, nothing happens. Combat goes off, the knights roll in, sites set on smashing the evil soul grinder. Many st10 mace attacks go off, but a bunch of shit rolls later, the giant metal beast is unharmed! Woot. The soul grinder strikes back, smashing a knight like it aint no thang. Meanwhile the valiant termie sergeant continues to smack away at the playful beasts who are licking and biting him. No wounds are caused on either side, and all the fearless keeps us locked in.
My turn gets interesting, as I only manage to call in two squads of Plague Bearers from the warp! I drop them in behind the blob of marines hoping to cut them off from their deployment zone. Some truly sexy scatter rolls put me right where I want to be. UNI GRINDER makes a crab like lateral move to get LOS to the objectives. Belials squad is right up on them, so I fire some phlegm. Phlegm proves to be deadly accurate, hitting two terminators and a Plasma Coil in the process... wounds are saved by termies, but the Plasma Canister takes a wound and explodes! For this mission, a large blast S6 AP3 happens when they explode... it takes out a tac marine, and then causes another Plasma Coil to explode! BOOM! BOOM! Shit is bananas. Another two Tacs suck it from exploding Plasma. This shit is dangerous.

So many marines everywhere.
This combat went on for way too long.
My opponents turn comes around and he moves in to capture the remaining three Plasma Coils. A metric shit ton of bolter shots goes off in the face of the two Plague Bearer squads. I roll 5 ups like a champ, but each squad is reduced down by about 6-8 plague bearers. Not too shabby. The assaults continue with the Soul Grinder and beasts, another two Knights fall, the beasts the the valiant Termie sergeant locked in a brutal game of Nurgle patty cake... still no wounds on either side.
As the game continues two more fresh squads of plague bearers appear, dropping right where I need them thanks to plague banners. UNI GRINDER takes another shot at the tacs that are attempting to move the Plasma Coils, and again blows two of them up, taking out a few Tacs in the process... a single plasma coil remains, being transported by Belial and his squad. Two squads of Plague Bearers roll into assault, the Heralds drop a handful of marines easily with AP2 aether blade goodness. Plague banners put a shit ton of 2+ poison wounds on the marines and it proves to be too much. I reduce his squads to small handfuls. Meanwhile the soul grinder finally kills the final DA Knight. But the Termie sergeant, well apparently he aint no punk bitch, because he continues to weather the onslaught of two beasts of nurgle (im averaging about 10 attacks each round)... making every save and proving a wonderful playmate for my happly little beasts.

Crazy shit going on here.

In the final turns of the game, my plague bearers have ripped apart all of his units in close combat, only Belial and his squad remain, carefully moving the last plasma coil toward their deployment, a veritable legion of Nurgle standing between them and victory points. The valiant termie sergeant finally falls, not able to withstand the combined might of the soul grinder and the two beasts. He will be remembered for his bravery, for he stood alone against the great mechanical beast and two playful hounds of Nurgle.
Plague bearers engage Belial and his squad in CC. In this mission, the Plasma Cannisters actually count as an additional model to the squad, so it can take wounds (and LOS!) as normal. My opponent fails a Look out sir roll, and the last canister explodes in a glorious flash of light, taking about 4 plague bearers with it. At the end of 5 only Belial stands, we roll a one and shake hands. We tie thanks to line breaker on my side, and first blood in his side. It was a fun game with lots of explosions and action!
Thanks for reading!

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