Monday, March 20, 2017

Introducing the LEGION OF DOOM!!! Chaos' Answer to Super Friends.

With Adepticon fast approaching, our current resident hope for winning the 40k Championships this year lies with Bill Keys and his Super Friends list. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this army list, it's essentially a combination of Dark Angels, Space Marine Librarius Conclave, and Space Wolf Thunderwolf Characters that combine to create an unkillable/unstoppable unit of frustration and douchebaggery. Seemingly, the only way to win against it is to not play at all.

I was tasked with creating an army that could counter Super Friends in order to give Bill some competitive practice. It would need a shit load of psykers + high strength beat sticks + stupid gear that gives you ridiculous invulnerable saves. Thus was born The Legion of Doom. Using Super Friends as a model, I've combined the best equivalents from the Chaos Space Marine, Daemons, and Khorne Daemonkin into one singular ass-smashing machine. The list:

Cyclopia Cabal Formation (CSM Black Legion)
ENDLESS HATRED: Units that have the Veterans of the Long War special rule have the Hatred special rule, and can re-roll failed To Hit rolls in every round of close combat when attacking units that contain any models from the Armies of the Imperium.

Shroud of Deceit: At the start of each of your Psychic phases, select one model from the Cyclopia Cabal to lead it in a dark ritual. That model can attempt to manifest the Shroud of Deceit psychic power, below. For each other Sorcerer from this Formation that is within 12", add one dice to the Psychic Test – these dice do not cost any Warp Charge points.


Shroud of Deceit is a psychic power that targets a single non-vehicle enemy unit within 30". The target unit cannot be locked in combat. You can immediately make a shooting attack with that unit as though it were part of your army.

Chaos Biker Sorcerer – 170 Points

  • Force Axe
  • Veterans of the Long War (+1 LD and Hatred Space Marines)
  • Sigil of Corruption +25
  • Level 3 +50
  • Spell Familiar +15 (Reroll failed psychic tests)
  • Bike +20

Chaos Biker Sorcerer – 170 Points

  • Force Axe
  • Veterans of the Long War (+1 LD and Hatred Space Marines)
  • Sigil of Corruption +25
  • Level 3 +50
  • Spell Familiar +15 (Reroll failed psychic tests)
  • Bike +20

Chaos Biker Sorcerer – 170 Points

  • Force Stave
  • Veterans of the Long War (+1 LD and Hatred Space Marines)
  • Sigil of Corruption +25
  • Level 3 +50
  • Spell Familiar +15 (Reroll failed psychic tests)
  • Bike +20

Chaos Jump Pack Sorcerer – 170 Points

  • Force Axe
  • Veterans of the Long War (+1 LD and Hatred Space Marines)
  • Sigil of Corruption +25
  • Level 3 +50
  • Spell Familiar +15 (Reroll failed psychic tests)
  • Jump Pack +15
  • Melta Bomb +5

Daemons of Chaos CAD
Kairos Fateweaver – 300 Points (Warlord)

  • Mastery Level 4
  • Re-Roll Warp Storm
  • Re-Roll 1 dice per turn
  • Right Head (All of Change, 1 Pyromancy, 1 Divination, and 1 Daemonology)
  • Left Head (All of Change, 1 Telepathy, 1 Biomancy, and 1 Daemonology) 

Herald of Tzeentch – 70 Points

  • Paradox +25 (S user AP4 Melee, Concussive, Warp Contradiction: Once per turn, when taking a Psychic test, the bearer can pick up and turn all of the dice he has rolled to their opposite side instead. For example, if he rolled a 5, 3 and a 1, he could turn them into a 2, 4 and a 6 respectively, thereby harnessing 2 Warp Charge points.) 

Herald of Tzeentch – 100 Points

  • Exalted Reward +30 (Grimoire of True Names)
  • Disc of Tzeentch +25 

10x Brimstone Horrors – 30 Points
10x Brimstone Horrors – 30 Points

Fast Attack
3x Screamers of Tzeentch – 75 Points

Khorne Daemonkin CAD (Death Star Will Generate Blood Tithe)

  • Chaos Biker Lord – 160 Points
  • Bike +20
  • Sigil of Corruption +25 (4++)
  • Lightning Claw +15
  • Power Fist +25
  • Mark of Khorne (Rage and Counter Attack) 

Herald of Khorne – 125 Points

  • Furious Charge (+1S on charge)
  • Hatred Slaanesh
  • Hellblade (SU AP3)
  • Juggernaut of Khorne +45
  • Greater Locus of Wrath +25 (Hatred) 

8x Chaos Cultists of Khorne – 58 Points

  • Mark of Khorne (Rage and Counter Attack) 

8x Chaos Cultists of Khorne – 58 Points

  • Mark of Khorne (Rage and Counter Attack) 

Fast Attack
10x Flesh Hounds of Khorne – 160 Points

  • Collars of Khorne (+2 to deny the witch rolls for the unit)
  • Furious Charge (+1S on charge)
  • Hatred Slaanesh
  • Scout
  • Fearless 

TOTAL – 1846

The idea is to combine the Cabal, Flesh Hounds, Herald Of Khorne, and Lord of Khorne into a single deathstar. The list generates 20 warp charge and 22 powers. By taking summoning on the Paradox Herald I can add to that by guaranteeing a successful summoning of Pink Horrors every turn. Alternatively, should I get the proper power, I can summon Screamers to zoom around and capture objectives. Priority on powers is generally:

Cursed Earth
Iron Arm
Warp Fate
Summoning Type Powers

The top 3 powers are a must. Anything else just adds to the utility of the main deathstar. Summoning will be taken every game by the Paradox Herald and Fateweaver's heads. Fateweaver is also guaranteed Prescience. At peak performance with ideal powers the deathstar will be rocking a 2++ re-rollable with a 4+ Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior. The unit is Fearless, can scout, and has Hatred. I feel like the only thing it lacks that Super Friends has, is Hit and Run. Which admittedly, is a big deal, but I feel like it still stands up when you consider that every unit killed by the death star generates Blood Tithe for summoning D-Thirsters. There's also my re-rollable Warp Storm that can have some pretty interesting effects on the game.

We put the army through its paces recently to see how well it held up to 40k's current unbeatable army. Below is a quick summary of the game.

We played Mission 1: Marduck's Teeth from the Adepticon 2017 missions packet.

Legion of Doom deployment.
Super Friends deployment.

The Legion had round one. The Deathstar creeped forward staying out of charge range of the Super Friends. 3 Screamers were summoned and the Deathstar powered up.

The Super Friends moved up and ate a unit of Cultists.

After powering up and and summoning more Screamers, the shit hit the fan in round 2 as the Deathstars finally met each other.

The Legion comes out on top killing one of the Wolf Guard Battle Leaders. The Super Friends then Hit and Ran out of the combat like a bunch of pansies.

The next round saw them charge back in. As you can see the Legion hit them so damn hard that one of the models was knocked off of its base and clean into orbit. Reports are coming in that it can be seen floating outside one of the widows near the international space station. Rallied by their fallen comrade, they killed off a handful of Flesh Hounds in their turn and my ensuing turn. They then Hit and Ran again like a bunch of hookers.

Super Friends then multi assaulted my 2 units of Brimstone Horrors and Heralds which they thoroughly trounced.

The Legion charged back in and the 2 units continued their tickle fight slowly chipping away at each other. My remaining unit of Cultists also entered fray. After pooping on the Cultists, Super Friends attempted to Hit and Run again but failed to roll enough distance to leave the combat.

When the dust finally settled at the end of the game. Super Friends split up and took objectives winning them the game 28-12. My strategies weren't the best since I drank almost an entire 5th of Gin during this game, but the proof of concept for the Legion of Doom was at least a victory in my mind. The Legion killed a Libby, Wolfguard Battle Leader, Ravenwing Command Squad, and all of his Fenrisian Wolves. The Super Friends only managed to kill 6-7 Flesh Hounds from my Deathstar. I generated 8 Blood Tithe for a D-Thirster but unfortunately it was after my last turn. I had 3 units of jet bikes (Screamers) zooming around the board grabbing Maelstrom objectives. My failings were in protecting the Grimoire Herald and focusing on objectives. I can't wait for a rematch. Hopefully the practice will serve Bill well at Adepticon.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Toys For Tots Tournament

Well, it was that time of year again. The Fantasy Shop in St. Charles, MO hosted their annual Toys For Tots tournament this past weekend. I always love going to this tournament every year. It supports a great cause and you get to have a day of fun. The weather was a bit dicey but I wasn't going to let that stop me from playing. I hadn't played a game of 40k since October when my son was born. That's also the reason posts from me have been slow. Sleep is a hot commodity around the house so I devote a lot of free time to that now.

It was 1500 point ITC tournament. Three 2 hour and 15 minute rounds. After an entire year of playing nothing but my Space Marine Battle Company, I was ready to mix it up and play something different. So, I busted out the Imperial Knights. Here's the list:

Baronial Court
Cerastus Knight-Lancer – 415 Points
  • Sanctuary +15
Knight Gallant – 330 Points
  • Melta Gun +5 
Knight Paladin – 380 Points
  • Melta Gun +5 
Knight Paladin – 375 Points

Round 1 saw the Knights pitted against Tyranids/Genestealer Cult.  The missions were Emperor's Will and Maelstrom Objectives. I was not prepared for the Genestealer Cult shenanigans but the raw power of the Imperial Knights was too much for them to handle. Though I lost 2 Knights in the battle, I still won the game 9 to 1.

In round 2 I faced off against Grey Knights/Space Marine Grav Centurions in a pod. It was Purge the Alien and Maelstrom Objectives. I didn't think I would win this game but my opponent played a little bit too conservatively overall. He also managed to kill 2 of my Knights, but by that time the only thing he had left on the board was his Centurions. All I had to do was keep my Knights out of his 30" threat range to win the game. Final score was 10 to 1.

Round 3 was a showdown against Harlequins. The missions were Big Guns Never Tire and Maelstrom Objectives. Man was this an awesome game! Here's a quick turn by turn summary that my opponent posted on

"Both Shadow Seers got Fog of dreams which saved my butt. One thing to point out is that my shooting was next to ineffective the entire game. Haywire grenades were the only ranged weapons that really did anything.

Turn 1
Adam got first turn and killed a Void Weaver(with a 3+ re-rollable Jink save), a Star Weaver, and 3 of the 5 troupe that were inside. Knights caused a bike unit and another Star Weaver unit to Jink but didn't destroy or kill anything else. I was well hidden and Adam couldn't get a lot of shots off.

I came out of hiding and got Fog of Dreams off on one of the Dual Battle Cannon Knights. Both the remaining Star weavers moved 12” then Turbo Boosted to get right up in the Knight's faces. Adam had no flamers so I was lucky there. One bike unit turbo boosted behind him. I knew Adam would have to deal with them and pull 1 Knight away from the group. Divide and Conquer!

Turn 2
Adam blows up both star weavers but I got lucky and only lost 4 harlequins between the 2 units. One unit only lost 1 model. The bikes I threw to the back were wiped out. Oh well. Adam charged 1 of the units and killed them but they put 3 HP on him before going down.

Shooting did nothing but I got Fog of Dreams off on his Warlord. The other one I casted with 4 dice and got 4 ones. I blitzed the Solitaire (SO should have saved that for turn 4) and the 2 Harlequins from the first blown up Star Weaver into the Knight Gallant that can throw vehicles. It was the same one that only had 3 HP left, and they killed him. His explosion scattered off the board. The 4 Man Troupe unit failed a charge on the Warlord.

Turn 3
Adam's shooting was ineffective here as one of the Knights was across the board dealing with the bikes. One Dual battle cannon shot at the Death Jester but with a 2+ cover he was good. Adam ran his Warlord. A Knight Paladin attempted to charge a Void Weaver but failed a 4 inch charge.

I got Fog of Dreams off on 1 knight (Adam was cursing that power and the Solitare at this point jokingly). The 4 man Troupe and the Solitaire charged his warlord and killed him. A Death Jester and a Shadow Seer both charged a Knight Paladin and between throwing the grenades and close combat, caused 3 wounds. He had a Void Weaver just behind him and was more scared of that, so he put his shield in the rear. The knight whiffed his attacks but then stomped the Shadow Seer. They were too far apart for him to get both and only rolled 1 Stomp. The Death Jester held the one knight in close combat to keep him from shooting. Another Shadow Seer had to fall back to my table half to take an objective.

Turn 4
Adam finished off the Death Jester in close combat and the other Knight killed the 2 man Troupe that was holding an objective near the back.

The Solitaire and his new unit that he was moving with(He couldn't join them because he's not an Independent Character), then charged another Knight Paladin and put 4 wounds on it. He hits the Solitaire 3 times but the Solitaire saves them all. Adam rolled poorly for stomps only killing one of the Harlquins. He was mostly concentrating on trying to kill the Solitare. The Death Jester and Shadow Seer attempt to finish the other one off and got it down to 1 HP. The Death Jester failed his charge and the Shadow Seer was killed in close combat after failing to take the last hull point.

Turn 5
The one mobile Knight Paladin moves onto one of my Big Guns objectives and shoots the bikes hiding in the back taking one of his Big Guns objectives. No wounds caused but he kills the Death Jester with Heavy Stubber fire. The Solitaire and unit kill off the other Knight Paladin in close combat but the explosion kills the Solitaire and 2 of the troupe. Only thing left standing is the troupe master.

Troupe master moves 6”, runs 6”, Then makes a 9” inch charge on the Last Knight. I only need to roll a single 6 on 5 Dice but I fail and get cut down in combat.

The game ends with 1 Knight with 1 HP and a unhurt squad of bikes.

Primary = He wins 4 Points
Maelstrom = I win 4 Points
Adam Got Slay the warlord
I got Slay the Warlord.

Best Game I ever Played it was fun as heck. The Solitaire was truly my MVP of the Day."

The final game was a tie 5 to 5. 

Overall standings for the tournament were:
1st Mike McGuiggan (Harlequins) tied with Adam overall but won because of Strength of Schedule
2nd Adam Warnecke (Imperial Knights)
3rd Jeff Naumann (Space Marines)

Here's few pics I took of some of the other tables:

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Time to upgrade Base sizes!

So since GW hates us and likes to make us jump through hoops of all sorts... I am now looking at the task of upgrading my 200ish+ Chaos Space Marines from 25mm bases to 32mm.

Luckily a company called Eccentric Miniatures sells these sweet ass Base extensions.  Just glue them on the existing Base, and BOOM, 32mm.  I started on my Plague Marines first and they work great.

Had to experiment with glue, and found my old stand by, hot glue, works the best.  Just got to be careful and not use too much ha, which is tough for me since I fucking love hot glue!

they come on a sprue of 4
the first test subjects
all of the plague marines done!
now to texture the bases all the way out to the edge to hide the gap!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mortarion work in progress

So I've been trying something different with my Mortarion model... not sure if my vision is translating into the model... want him to look like he is emerging from the shadows, his power scythe reflecting light into his armor... hmmm. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Emperor's Children Cataphractii Terminators and Landraider

With the impending arrival of baby number 2 for me, there has been less and less time for hobbies. Still, I've managed to finish up 5 Cataphractii Terminators and a Landraider for my 30k Emperor's Children. Next up is the 5 Palatine Blades and Eidolon. From there, I can't decide if I want to paint my Caestus Assault Ram, or sell it and get a Storm Eagle instead. I'm currently leaning towards the Storm Eagle since it's less points and opens up an all important heavy slot for me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hobby Update: White Scars Sicaran Venator

Been awhile since I had time to hobby enough to do an update. Finished up my first White Scars tank and wanted to share it with you guys. Next up, nine White Scars Rhinos/Razorbacks.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Siegeworld ITC Tournament Photo Dump



Thursday, September 8, 2016

Siege World Results and Apocalypse Awesomeness

Overall Winner Sam Henley's Soul Crushing Chaos Renegades/Daemons Army vs My Battle Company
The finale standing were as follows:
1st: Sam Henley (Chaos Renegades/Daemons)
2nd: Mike Mcguiggan (Dark Eldar/Eldar)
3rd: Adam Warnecke aka Capnmoe (Space Marines)

Siege World is in the bag! The ITC tournament was some of the toughest competition I've ever faced. Easily on the level of Adepticon competition. The toughest armies were by far 2 Chaos Renegades armies and a Super Friends Barkstar list. I, as well as others, sure as hell didn't expect to see Dark Eldar in the top 3.

This tournament really opened my eyes to the ridiculousness of the Chaos Renegades army. I had never played against them before, and in this tournament I faced them in 2 out of my 4 games. SO MANY ARTILLERY UNITS! You can see all of the Rapier Laser Desroyers and Earthshaker Cannons in the pic above. For an army like mine, theres almost no chance against something like this. He was also running the Masque to control the movements of opposing deathstars or large threats. This worked to his advantage on the top table as he went up against the Barkstar. If you're unfamiliar with the Barkstar, it's core is the Wolfkin formation from the latest Space Wolves codex combined with a ton of characters including Azrael giving the unit a 4+ invulnerable save. It's nigh unkillable. The Masque shut down the army so badly, that the Barkstar player conceded the game early since he couldn't move the distance he needed for his army to get into assault range.

I also played against Grav Centurion heavy Space Marines/Grey Knights and Eldar. Both opponents were great players, but lacked the ability to mitigate my turn 1 alpha strike. When all was said and done I had gone 3-1 on the day. I was pretty pleased with my performance overall. I'm excited for next years Siege World ITC event which they plan on being a Grand Tournament.

Day 2 gave the ITC Tournament players the choice of joining into the HUGE Apoc game that had started the day before. Mother of god was there a lot of money on the tables. I had not expected anywhere near the amount of Titans that were on the table. Check out some of the pics below!